conversation with the Star Councils of Light, 13 August 2012
AMUNA RA: OK, so what did happen last night? I didn’t see anything in the skies by watching the Olympics on my laptop … though the gentle skies over my garden afterwards were lovely, the moon exquisite and a couple of orange spheres keeping watch over these sacred lands. But I was really impressed by seeing all those human beings come together from so many countries of our world when the athletes came in with their faces shining, and I felt such a great love for all humanity and so connected with them all.
I saw an extraordinary joyous harmony of huge numbers of people choreographed wonderfully and incredibly well synchronised – several big choirs, an orchestra, and thousands and thousands of volunteers as well as professional dancers and reassuringly aging pop stars – all in constant movement and flow. It was an impressive demonstration of how we human beings can work together seamlessly en masse! At one point I thought that this was what it was – the star beings showing themselves as us, as humanity! For we are beings of the stars, starseeds all, and just look at how we can co-operate and work together when we unite our consciousness and intent with one aim. What could we not do if we were to work together like that with such love and joy for the harmonious development of our planet?

THE STAR COUNCILS OF LIGHT: Oh dearest one, we needed you all to realise this, to realise your own power and to start acting on this realisation. It is your planet, and you can heal your social structures and governing bodies as soon as you realise your very great power as conscious individuals who are spiritual beings, star beings, who belong to the whole cosmos. We are working constantly behind the scenes to ease these processes. We need you to notice and celebrate the fact that the changes are taking place. Many of us worked with the organising teams for the great festival of the Olympics so you might see the power of humanity, and feel your own strength and courage and determination, through the achievements of all involved.
Know you are powerful beyond measure. Open your minds to what is happening all around you and within your dear Earth’s aura. Notice the transformations that are taking place right now, as you shift into fourth dimensionality along with your planet. It may be easier than you think! We wish you to experience what is possible without cataclysms, through joy and harmony, for they are powerful forces of unity. We love you always, dear ones, and wish you to notice the subtle changes all around you. There will be more and more over the next few weeks. Hold us also in the Light of your Love and we will continue to work together with you.

The Star Councils of Light, 13 August 2012