Thank you, Dennis for this insightful post!♥

Silent Winds of Change


Today, I’m afraid is just a normal day.

But not if you know it isn’t.

I went for a walk and it started as always, just a normal day. Until you remember it’s not and never was. We just forgot and every day when we awaken we have that dimensional amnesia again. As you walk about all seems calm, but as you let your senses expand you notice a smoothness to your step that’s not normally there. The wind on your face says “Hello, remember me old friend?” Then you hear the trees greeting you. What, did the trees just say hello? Yes, they did as they always do but we aren’t paying attention. You need to purposefully slow your step to a speed you never walk at, then it all starts to flow. You feel the energy flowing into you from every breeze and down through you from the…

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