Hello, Beloveds. It is amazing to see your progress already. Many are lifting as we speak, absorbing the Light and riding the wave of ascension. You are doing splendidly. You are not alone in this process, as we have been saying.

You each have a team of angels, archangels, and/or ascended masters who are assigned to you for this entire process. They have been there all along, but full attention and purpose is now aligned with your Being for a successful and mind-blowing experience of ascension. I say that not to alarm you, but to prepare you for the most exquisite experience you could ever imagine, dear ones.

The more you open and receive right now, the more it will be complete and perfect for you. What I mean by that, is of course to tell you that ascension is assured, but your full experience of it, your smooth experience of it, and your highest experience of it will be dependent on how much you let go and receive. We have been saying this, but we want you to relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible. There is nothing more important than your complete surrender and openness.

Many of you are completing your clearing, and do not worry; you do not need to do it all. Just do your best. There is no amount of unresolved issues and karma that will stop you from ascending and much can be cleared now with just giving yourself complete and utter Love and accepting it from Creator and us. You have made it, dear ones; you have traversed the treacherous part of your journey already, and now it is just for you to enjoy the crowning glory of it.

You are all at different levels, but the truth be told, it doesn’t matter. Focus on yourself right now. Focus on what you are hearing from your ascension guides, what you are feeling is right for you. There is no wrong way to do this, except for allowing worry and fear to deter you.

Now is the time to completely trust yourselves, your Higher Selves, your guides and Creator. Don’t let your mind get in the way. There is still some apparatus of duality that may want to distract you, but it isn’t real. You are beginning to completely shed that apparatus and so if it tries to pull you back in, as an old shoe beckons you because it is comfortable, say: “No thank you; I will try this new way of living and being from here on out”.

Beloveds, you cannot do this wrong. As long as you listen to your hearts and your inner knowing, you will be fine, protected, and in for the most amazing experience ever. We cannot say this enough. So don’t let the anticipation slow you down or pull you off track of just being in the Moment right now and holding as much Joy and Light and Love that is being offered to you. You have our guarantee that the rest will be taken care of with ease. It is written already. It is a done deal. So, relax!

There is of course an intensification of energy being offered and will keep building, and all you need to do is anchor constantly in your Heart and into Gaia; it may be a constant thing right now that you will have to do this because of the intensity. Consider it as turbulence while going through the eye of a storm. You just need to remain in the center and all will be well.

Do not worry about what is going on around you, what upsets there may be with others as they clear. Remain focused on your inner peace and knowing that you are exactly where you need to be right now; there is nothing you really need to do but envelop and immerse yourselves in the growing energies and allow the dust to settle around you as you release all that is needed, with complete assurance that you will be complete at the exact right time for you, dear ones.

We of the Company of Heaven are everywhere around you now and we will not let up until your journey is complete. And you are so close. Be at peace with your new selves that are emerging with full force, grace and glory.

We will speak again before the shift, dear ones. Happy journey!

Your loving brother, Yeshua

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