Yeshua.powercreatorYeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Dear Ones, much is afoot in your “neck of the woods”, as they say. Seriously, much is a-swirl and in change and transition and some things may now feel like polar opposites. But be assured that the shift toward greater consciousness is indeed occurring.

Take time to constantly return to your center and assess situations only from that perspective, in the core of your heart. This is a test and an affirmation of your true Reality, as you know.

You are beginning to glimpse the bigger picture, dear ones, and to delve into the recesses of deeper consciousness. Sometimes you may feel like you have hit a void but it is just the transformation of energies. Sit with it and cover and immerse yourself with the incoming energies and listen to that still, small voice within, always.

You are beginning to dissolve the holograms of the past which are at times persistent to remain, but the glimpse of freedom that you are experiencing from dissolving these mindsets can more than compensate for the loss of old familiar patterns of yesteryear.

It will take diligence and perseverance on your part to reject the old patterns and embrace the newfound freedom that awaits you, that is already there in front of you. Just move aside the veil of illusion and you can see it, dear ones.

Love for yourself and others is the key through all this transition. Keep coming back to that. Live in that bubble, dear ones. Fear has a harder time of entering when you abide by that regime. In this you are taking back your power and coming back to your True Essence.

You are beginning to see that many of the scenarios you find yourselves in are merely “play outs” of old energy. You will see that with just a “flick of your wrist”, so to speak, you can move it aside and glimpse the brand new clear energy of your birthright. Can you feel the energy softening around you? Can you feel this new energy persisting more and more as you just let go and surrender to it?

You are the leaders in this. You are the trailblazers in this. What you maintain affects millions. You know this.

Keep looking at things from this new perspective of Love and devotion to the true core of you – the silent and soft and powerful core of you. Take your focus away from the old and worn out ways of thinking and of looking at things. Be still and invite a new perspective.

Many of you are learning that you are so much more powerful than you ever realized. Be in that power as much as you can. With that power of Love and Centeredness in your Heart, so much is being built; the old patterns and play outs of your old reality are fading more and more with each decision to look at things from your Divine Nature, one that has all the power and abilities of Creator. Be in that knowing now, dear ones.

Our love and devotion to you has no boundaries or end. It is time for you to feel it more and conjure up that strength that comes from knowing you are all elite and complete just as you are. It merely takes opening up doors in your heart when you are still and one with Creator, with no separation or judgment as to your view of yourself.

By no means believe that you are less than the power of Creator, less than the power of Love. Keep that in your storehouse of knowledge forever and always, dear ones. We are waiting for you to realize the impact of that “knowing” of yourself: as being as big and expansive as Creator – forever and always.

Take this in and sit with it, and remind yourselves of it daily, hourly, moment by moment. Allow the power of that knowledge to infiltrate every part of your Being. Let it sift and simmer and take over your presence, your concept of yourself. Be with it and indulge yourself with it. Know it. Settle into it.

Be careful now of letting in any feeling to the contrary, as you encounter “realities” of the opposite. Return to your knowing of the truth no matter what you see or hear around you. What is not of substance will fade much more easily and readily that way.

Be careful not to perpetuate old thoughts and patterns. They are coming up for you now quite readily and often, are they not? Not because they are real, but because they are leaving. Allow them to disappear from your Reality, with gratitude of course.

Remain constantly vigilant of what is true for you based on your knowledge and commitment to the Divine Essence that you hold and have always held. Allow it to return once again; allow it to return to full focus and full throttle and to remain in your consciousness throughout everything you do and say.


You are the Power and the Glory of Creator, dear ones. Do not ever forget it. Do not let anything infiltrate it. You are One with Creator. That, you will see, is coming into focus and true to your reality with each breath you take if you will just allow it.

Welcome back to your true essence, to your true nature. Hold it with loving hands and within your heart of hearts, dear ones. Believe it and savor it and become it.

Your loving brother, Yeshua, and the Company of Heaven.

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