Thank you John….I was shown the concept of these “bubbles” in a vision yesterday in meditation! ❤

Jesus through John

Hello, this is John with Jesus’ message for Friday June 7th 2013. Today the format is rather different. I am including my personal chat with him that occurs before the message starts because it seems to me that it probably addresses issues that concern many of us. I hope you find it helpful.

Jesus Blog # 159 06/07/13. Channeled Wednesday June 5th 2013 11.25.

Me: Good morning, dear Jesus.  Thank you very much for the message that I posted on our blog earlier this morning.  I feel a bit edgy, tense, and sometimes I think it is because I feel that I should not be calling on you, disturbing you, because you must be incredibly busy attending to so many loving souls who have far greater need than I and who are far more worthy of calling on you than I.  In fact I guess I feel at some level…

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