Thank you Laura and Multidimensional Ocean! xo ♥

Multidimensional Ocean

images (1)Hi guys, as Mercury goes retrograde, many of us are overthinking the past myself included (-_o)…
Here is today’s message from my guies – 30 Jue 2013 Light Anchor:
Dear souls of the human realm, remain grounded over the next few weeks, do active grounding exercices with extra care and renewed efforts. The energies of the Mother Ocean are displacing you in all directions, like a feather on the surface of an ocean.
What you need now is to drop you anchor, and find inner peace.
Let go of the illuusions that the mind creates for you, from your memory, let go of over active imagination, and try focus on the present, the now moment, that allows for ever new begining and love.
Listen to your mind, to your thoughts: they are the waves sweeping your very existence. Be aware of them, but do not allow them destroy you and…

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