Introducing Cecilia and her beautiful channeling below….Enjoy! Love to all ♥ Fran ♥

*Note from Cecilia about her message is below the transcript*

Divine Mother Healing Message
June 23rd, 2013
A Return to Innocence

Take a few deep breathes into your heart to receive this message from Divine Mother as communicated through Cecilia Kinzie.

I am Divine Mother and I come in the name love. I come in the name of truth and I come in the name of compassion. I come today to share a message with you. The message today is about healing. Many of you are healing on a deeper level that you have ever before. Wounds are coming up, old wounds. Not just wounds from childhood, but ancient wounds from the beginning of your incarnations. These old wounds are coming up now to be healed. You are healing in layers. The superficial wounds have been cleared and you are now working on the most deepest of breaks in your energy system. For some of you this is quite a daunting process. For some of you it is a fearful process. And I say to you: there is no need to fear these old wounds. For you are ready now to clear them. You are at the point in you evolution where you are strong enough, powerful enough, wise enough, and conscious enough to heal these core wounds. And I am here, Divine Mother, I am here to assist you in this process.

I would like you to go back. To go back through time and space to a time when you were one with your creator, when you were one with me. Go back to that time and place to when you were completely innocent. To when there were no judgments, no mental constructions about your identity. There were no wounds. Where you were simply just consciousness, innocent consciousness. Being breathing and perceiving in complete and utter innocence and love. This is the part of you that is pure love. This part of you, this unwounded and innocent part of you still exists inside of you.

Breathe into the heart. Staying soft in the heart, find this beautiful innocent part of you. Breathe it into your heart and feel it with all of your being. Bask in the stillness. Bask in this innocence. Feel this state of pure unadulterated energy. This is the part of you that has not been wounded. This is the part of you that is pure love. And I assure all of you, dear ones, that this unwounded part of you lives within you, lives within your heart. It is the part of you that never left God, that is at peace and completely one with creator. Find that part of you deep in your heart. Breathe into it and experience it. Experience what it feels like to be pure energy. This is the part of you that has been hidden from you for too long. It is wanting to be expressed in the world. Breathe life into it. Focus your attention on it and let it go.

You are love. You were born of love and you may return to love. Healing is a return to love, a return to this space of innocence. You may call on me, Divine Mother, and I will help you find this place inside of yourself. This is the part of you that can receive me. This is the part of me, this is the part of you, that can communicate with me. This is the part of you and the part of me where we are one. Where we are one in the wholeness of love and this is what I am returning you to. The wholeness of your love, the source of all healing. When you find this place within yourself, you have truly opened the gates of heaven. There is more joy, more love, more life waiting for you than you could ever imagine.

You are whole. You are one with me. You are one with all that is. You are one in the infinite wholeness. I love you. Through my eyes you are all whole, and perfect, and beautiful, and innocent children of God. This is how I see you and I encourage you to see yourself in this way as well. Have compassion for yourself. Have kindness for yourself. And allow that unwounded innocent part of you, allow that part of you to play, to explore, to ask questions. Allow that part of you to be expressed in the world without fear, without reservation. You are setting this part of you free. This is who you truly are. An innocent child of God, so loved, so cherished, and so adored. I love you. Love yourself and allow yourself to explore what we talked about today. I look forward to connecting with you. I am always with you. I love you. Goodbye for now.


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*Note from Cecilia: I asked Divine Mother to relay a healing message to the people that follow Circle for Self Healing. Her message for today is about healing through returning to innocence.

I want to take some time to explain a little more about the nature of these messages. When meditating, sitting silently, or in deep prayer I often receive beautiful messages from my higher self in collaboration with loving beings that exist in the realm of pure spirit. I am starting to share these messages with others through this blog, Youtube, and on the Circle for Self Healing Facebook Page.

I receive these messages as a divine energetic communication directly from the heart that flows like a stream. I often feel, hear, and see the messages through dynamic images as they are being received and I often describe it as attempting to translate light. I do my best to find words for the immensity of light and love that is flowing through me, but sometimes there are no words necessary, just a sweet still silence that communicates deeper than words. However, the words carry with them an energetic signature that I find touch people on a deep soul level. I recommend these messages be listened to in an open and almost meditative state to receive their full impact. However, if you don’t have time to listen to the full message I also transcribed the message below.

I always verify with my higher self that the messages are coming from the highest place possible, that they are coming from the wholeness of love and truth. As with any message you read or receive please use your discernment to choose the information that resonates or doesn’t resonate with you. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this healing message today and find it useful.

If possible, close your eyes and breath into your heart to fully receive the energetic transmission of love carried on this healing message. And please do not listen to this message while driving or operating heavy machinery.