What is love?  From a human perspective it has many meanings. It is written about in every language in every culture on every part of the globe.  It is four letter word that implies a heart feeling that is felt or expressed. It is often expressed as “I love you” but that in and of itself may have many meanings.  The intent of the phrase may mean, I have deep feelings for you or it may be a way of simply saying I want to have sex with you.  And it may be perceived either way.  As we evolve away from a guttural root chakra survival mentality we awaken to higher more spiritual understandings of what Love is.  Even in a “Sacred” ceremony where we proclaim our love to another there are still the strings, expectations, and limiting beliefs that say “I’ll love you if… but not if”.  I’ll love you if your faithful to me but not if you cheat on me , lie to me, etc.

Understanding what love is, is a process and evolution that all of Humanity is going through.  We as a race of beings have certainly learned what love is not.  But what then is love?  Can it be even properly described or felt in this 3D human experience? In this life we are awakening to greater and greater understandings of things that only a few years or even a week ago we would not have considered or understood.

I once thought I’d love my wife forever. But then we were divorced.  There was the pain and anguish and heart ache. There was the feeling that I’d lost love. And so on.  I came to realize that indeed I did still love my ex-wife but, I was not “in-love” with her any more.  That realization was an awakening.  It was a first tiny step into the understanding of what true love really is.  Love could exist without the attachments. Love could exist and even be greater not placing demands of any kind on its existence.  As we grow and learn we then take the next step in our understanding, another lesson. Love is unconditional, period.

Now another breakthrough happens and we discover that Love is timeless.  Flashes of insight and remembrances of lives and loves past bring to our awareness that there are those whom we have shared deep feelings “of Love” with through many lives.  We wonder and seek to understand these awakened memories and discover that the illusion of death has no meaning where love is concerned. So we think “but I’m still in a physical body and still have physical urges and the first thoughts are again the 3D primal, I want to reconnect” Ok, so then those urges are clearly not what love is.  And we now know that there is something more to love.  There is something so much more than we’ve ever considered before.  It calls to understanding something more and forces us to look not outside ourselves for it but forces us to look within.  As we do we discover so much more.

As we begin to look within we see there is no mistaking it.  There is a feeling in your heart that says, this feeling is beyond words.  This feeling has no adequate way of describing the magnitude or scope of all it encompasses. The realization the there is a higher love has just been discovered.

What is the next step in our understanding of love?  That answer can only be answered by one person.  You.  It is why we are here.  It is the only reason we are here.  It is the first and last question ever to be given.

What is Love?

Michael Genova