Thank you Laura, Multidimensional Ocean and the Angels!

Multidimensional Ocean

945387_475184022571063_1440275067_nShort Message from the Angels: As humans, very often you are conditioned to asking others what you should think, do or even feel. From a very young age you have been trained to ask your parents, your priest, your teacher or your doctor what you should do or think.
Trust your intuition is something that you should develop and rely on more and more often on.
Trust that you already have the answers within, just stop, listen to your inner sef give you the direction that is best fit for you.
Never be afraid of making mistakes in your life, as this will enable you to learn and to increase your own intuition.
Be kind and forgiving to your incarnated self, be loving of it, point in the right direction and let go; the chips will fall into place of their own.
In love and gratitude, the Angels.
Channel: Laura…

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