Thank you, dear Tazjima and the Angels….beautiful message<3

Blue Dragon Journal

Morning Light on Strawberry Lake

Note to Readers: When I sat down I wasn’t sure if anything would emerge; I never am. However, I do have faith in the enduring relationship and closeness of the angels to me and to all of us during these times of intense change. The angels are a part of our greater Being and are available to anyone who takes the time to ask and go within for an answer. It will come.

As another aside, this blog is now officially one year of age. I want to thank all my readers, new and old, for your support. We are a growing community of light and love, spreading our influence throughout the planet. I hope I have added to it through my humble efforts here. Many blessings to each of you.

Channeled by Tazjima.

We are the angelic legions of the Divine Mother. We come forth today on this beautiful…

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