This mornings meditation I thought of my Mother and her unconditional love for me even though she is afraid for me because of my beliefs.  She does not agree with or understand my beliefs but still she loves me just the same and wishes the best for me.

This is the message that came forth:

This is a never ending love stream which flows from the heart of God.  In this time of unparalleled openings which stem from the heart activations, Love is breaking down barriers that most thought never would happen.  New insight is being given and seen to the hearts and to the minds of the people of your world.  As it is said Love knows no boundaries and conquers all.  As love pores into your world things are beginning to shift in more and more visible ways.  You are loved because you are coming from love. When the Light of truth which again is Love makes itself known all things are possible.  Hopeing that those you love will come to understand you will happen in due time.  Just love them unconditionally and know that love is being felt on some or many levels as well.  There is great Joy now as the hearts of humanity are opening up.  As it is occurring more and more love streams into and out from all of you.  It is like a giant ball of light has just been lit and there is a dimmer switch that is being turned to greater and greater illuminations.  Soon that light will be felt so strong that no one will not feel and know it.  It is becoming without a doubt the LoveLight awakening of your world.

Blessed souls there are many who remember and beginning to remember the truth of who you really are.  As you are all awakening you come to see the interconnectedness of each other and indeed all things.  As you are awakening new and more insights become a constant flow of inspirations and what many may see as miracles.  But there is so much more to come.   You are never alone and we of the galactic and angelic realm are always by your side.  The truth of the lies and false teachings will become known as more and more people are inspired to stand up and share the knowledge they have kept secret for so long.  It is in the lighted souls and awakening hearts that all things will become transparent and the world will see things for just exactly as it truly is after so long in darkness and illusion.  Look to the future with excitement and wonder as you witness the awakening of your world.  It is indeed an exciting time to be alive as it is said. Daily there will be more and more openings and revealing of the workings of many previously hidden truths.  The rise in consciousness happening on your world is unparalleled.  Focus on the new and not on the events and distractions of what your media put out.  For soon enough the media will, one by one, start to post more and more true and enlightening information and the days of cover-ups and controlled broadcasts will become a thing of the past.

The greatest gift that you can give to yourself and the world is to love yourself and others unconditionally.  It is from thoughts, words, and acts of love that you will come to know who you really are. It is from these things that your world will blossom into the new reality it is destined to become.  The recent events that have happened astrologically have triggered an opening and an acceleration of the speed in which events will start to happen leading to the liberation of your world.   Greater and greater sightings will happen revealing your space family.  Media reporters will be more inclined to post them, even though they have been told not to do so.  For even those who are the reporters in worlds media that have been in fear of disclosing such things now are aware of the importance in posting the truth.   It is the opening of their hearts and the releasing of fear that will enable this to happen.  Much more is to come.  Be patient and observant for after so long a time it will seem as over night the world will be a much different place.

We are your partners and guides

We love you very much

Mother Mary and Lord Ashtar