Thank you John ❤

Jesus through John

God’s plan is brilliant, beautiful, perfect.  Here in the spiritual realms we are in constant delighted amazement as it continues to unfold just as He intends.  For you on the Earth plane, engrossed in your illusory reality, it is and will remain totally beyond comprehension – in fact, the vast majority of you are unaware that God’s plan even exists.  Do not ask “Which plan?” in a puzzled voice, because there is only One Plan: God’s Plan – which is the creative energy field in which all that He intends occurs.  And all that He intends always occurs precisely according to that plan. Humanity’s awakening is an aspect of that plan and will, therefore, happen exactly as divinely willed and intended.  Your guides, mentors, and channels in the spiritual realms have been keeping you up-to-date on the aspects that effect you directly. So pay attention, listen to their advice and…

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