8088_498519233497340_1557696942_nMARCH 2, 2014

Greetings to all.  We observe Light on Gaia  increasing each day, and bringing with it a new world wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore  unable or unwilling to see.  Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places  and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in  new and higher ways.
Many governments  are starting to understand that the old self serving ways of doing business are no longer working.  Many “leaders” choosing to resist any change, and will eventually find themselves in one way or another removed.  All, from world leaders  to so called “common folk” who insist upon holding tight to energies that are finished will begin to experience  difficulties  because the new energies do not nor cannot support anything held in place only through belief and concepts.  Go within dear ones, and honestly examine what concepts and beliefs you may still be rigidly holding on to………VIEW ORIGINAL FOR MORE