valerieDonnerA Channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, March 8, 2014

Greetings I am Mira:

         I think most of you know that I am serving on the Earth Council to assist the earth with the ascension process.

         We are your observers, your advocates, your teachers your friends. We are with you and have been with you from the beginning until the end. We help you in many different ways. We are with you in person and not just in the skies. We love it when you wave to our ships and welcome us with you hearts and smiles. This encourages us to connect with you further.

         Some of you are waiting for a “Big Event.” We know you are hoping it will be us coming en mass or that we will take away some of your lessons. Well, what I want to tell you about this is that you are in the “Big Event” now. It is the ascension process and if we were to come en mass or if you were in three days of darkness most of humanity could not handle it. You already know this but holding the energies for us to come or for other massive spiritual awakenings is still paramount. It is part of your jobs. I am asking you not to put your lives on hold but to continue to do your inner work and keep opening hour hearts. Continue to join with others in meditations and prayers for the planet. When you do this work it impacts the consciousness more than you know.

         There is goodness coming to you. It will ease some of the burdens and make big differences in your lives. It will free you and help remove fear. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to your ascension and consciousness. This is why many of you are facing challenges in this area. Remember that fear is nonexistent in the higher dimensions.

We know your hearts and your beautiful faces. As ground crew you are welcome signs to us. Before your incarnations we planned together with you about how we would work together at this time. You will be stepping up the pace of your work. You will notice that there will be nudges for you to do something different or new. You will be guided to become more visible.

         Many of you are with us in your dreams. We are busy going around assessing what needs to be done. If you wake up tired you might have been in a long meeting with us deliberating what needs to be done in various places. See, we are already working together. You know who you are and we will get together with you in person when the consciousness is right.

         Continue being the sparkling Lights on the earth. You are making a huge difference just being the Light. Keep your eyes on the sky and your hearts open to each other. We are one.

                                    I am Mira in loving service.

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