Mother-Mary-213x300Mother Mary:


Hello sweet ones. I come today to give you encouragement and enlightenment as you stand right now in your journey. You are by no doubt encapsulating and experiencing the tremendous influx of light of a new quality that you have not experienced before. This is because, my dear ones, you are encompassing the Christ Light Consciousness more and more within your energy fields and you are coming more and more online with your divine essence and purpose.

It is difficult to quantify it; it is difficult to qualify it. It is difficult to explain it. Your experience is your experience and it is unique to you and it is perfect for you. However there is a common theme running through-out. There is a lightening and a floating of your energy as never before. It necessitates you to trust and go with it and thus it necessitates and allows you to move forward with it, not really knowing where it leads, because for all intents and purposes, you are there…you are just building within your own energy framework more of the divine template of which you originate.

Yes, it takes trust and letting go. It also brings wonderment as you allow yourselves to encompass more Light and Love to your heart’s content. And that is the key:  Just allow it to your heart’s content. That is a peculiar phrase in some ways, but so apropos to your experience now. You are allowing your heart to soar to new heights, all the while feeling more and more comfortable with it, albeit sometimes intense waves of it. But as any of you body surfers would know, the more you flow with the wave, the more it will not take you down – it allows you to wander aimlessly within the flow, allowing it to take you with it, all the while knowing that you are safe the more you let go. And then it brings the wonderful rush of going with the surge of it; in this case: pure joy and enlightenment.

And if you can grasp a little of what I am telling you, you are where you need to be. For now has no set boundaries and descriptions, but utter delight in where this is taking you. Float amongst the energy much like a jelly fish, illuminated and graceful and flowing, expanding and contracting, and floating amongst the milieu it is in, much like you in this milieu of energy, completely graceful and dance-like, yet solid in the knowing you are where you need to be.

And that is the key, dear ones; everywhere you are right now, wherever it is, as long you are centered in your heart and open to new heights of experiences, is where you need to be and where it will bring the most expansion. You are testing your wings, so to speak now, and although it may seem a little bit unknown and a little unnerving as to the heights you feel you can go now, take it in stride and be full within the experience, dear ones.

For we are showing you what it is like to be in full glory of your divine essence, and it is not all like you thought it would be, yet gloriously more, is it not? Let it unfold and let it expand and Be within the energy fully now, dear ones. Take it in stride, put aside your expectations, and just allow yourself to experience the sweet new feelings and knowings that are coming to the forefront for you now. For within allowing yourself to go into “nothingness”, you open yourself into complete fullness and expansiveness. And you will feel a sense of familiarity with this, dear hearts. We guarantee it. It just takes coming out of your preconceived ideas, and to experience the newness of the Light and to cherish the newness of the Light, and to absorb all it has in store for you, dear ones.

For all the glory that you remember, or are beginning to remember, from your early days of conception into your Divine Being-ness, is coming back full swing and the energies are infiltrating you little-by-little and sometimes a-lot-by-a-lot, too, yet you are ready for it. You are primed for it. You are arriving at your New Self.

In the past months you have raised considerably in your frequencies, dear ones, and in the next few days, weeks and months, this will triple (and yes, I am referring to the March Equinox and its aftermath). But do not despair or be frightened, because you are ready. You are ready for it. Trust that. Let go and allow. But also “mind your mind”, to put forth a little paradox: By this I mean, don’t engage your mind to try and figure it out. Allow it to come along for the ride, letting your Light Heart lead the way, being open and willing to the experience.

And that is key, being open and willing for the experience of your immense transformation. In some ways you are beginning to not totally recognize yourself. And that is ok, because all that is happening is that the old mindsets and qualifiers of your old mind/ego existence is giving way to a totality of spirit and wholeness as you encompass and join and integrate with your Higher Self and Monad, resembling more and more the energy of Oneness and Creator of All-That-Is. And that is key. You are floating amongst that “reality” now. You have lifted the limits of perpetuity and entered a whole new ball game, one that is familiar and yet new.

So ride with it, dear ones, and inhale all it has to offer, with each breath that you take. And shortly you will arrive at an entirely new, yet familiar, place of existence, one without all the shackles of yesteryear. For this you find it is necessary to allow yourself to BE amongst all the energy of your releasing past experiences and floating amongst it, allowing yourself to see and feel and allow the energies that are contrary to your new experience to just softly be there, acknowledging them yet feeling yourself just gently allowing them to drift by you like debris in a clear stream which is you, and like being touched by a soft breeze, gently clearing away all energy that is denser than your energy is Now, and like fluffy clouds gently moving to reveal a clear blue sky, and like the gentle spring rain washing away the dust of what once was, to reveal the glow and shine of the essential you.

And so dear ones, you can see that you are farther along than you thought, yet even further shall you travel. You are equipped for it and you are primed for it. So let go and allow it. We are rooting for you. You are our angels of advancement, showing the way for others just by your being within your sweet glorious energy, standing tall and firm within the gale of energy-winds coming at you.

May Peace be in your Heart and may Love pervade you more than ever. I am your servant in Love-All Encompassing and example of Heart-Love-All-Pervading. For you are beginning to experience the phenomena of being that Love Essence that encompasses so much in your wake, free-floating and huge in its expansion and scope of influence. Be cognizant of this, dear ones, as we nudge you to become more so with each breath you take.

I AM Mother Mary, at your service and at your side with all-pervading Love as you spread yours.


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