Thank you Laura and SaLuSa ♥

Multidimensional Ocean

salusaDear ones, we come to you with a message once more. The light has been shining strongly over the Earth for the past few days. You are probably able to feel the love and high energies being radiated towards the planet and all its living beings.

Many of you may have felt a sense of resistance to these energies initially. This is a natural response of the body and of the subconscious to resist the unknown and to resist the destruction of old behavioural patterns This is a very natural instinctive response that means the destruction of all that has become useless to you and to the new Earth Divine Energies.

Indeed the old is slowly going away from the Earth, but also from your body. We are indeed getting very close to that tilting and shifting point that all the lightworkers speak of on the internet.

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