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May 2, 2014

Ashes of fire are to be found everywhere in the midst of the dust these days, as the old is dissolving into the flames of illumination and Truth. It is evidence of that which once was here but now has left. There is a Golden dawn arising from the deep valley of darkness, that has held this planet into its power for so long.

We are breaking free through the veils of Illusion at this time, we are floating in a stream of Abundant Bliss and colored Rays of expression as we are unifying with our Divine aspects of Being. Merging with our Blissful state of Being, which was once our most natural Self by Essence.

Those colorful Rays of Being are merging themselves into the new Rays of rebirth and these align with the already existing higher Rays of Light such as the platinum Rays, the seafoamgreen Rays, the magenta Rays and the colorless Rays of pure energy. These Higher Rays will be the sources we start to align with and eventually re-blend with in this higher state of consciousness.

Myself and Saint Germain are re-blending into a higher expression of Ray at this time as the purple and violet Light re-blend during our re-union into a new Ray of color and expression, where we too become One as a Union. This is our higher expression as One. After this our essence as One merges with a higher expression of Ray, which is the higher expression of our Higher consciousness as One.

You all are re-blending and merging into Union with your beloved Higher Self expressions as well as with the Twin Flame expression of your being. It all starts from the heart and Union happens in the heart first, bringing your awareness of Self and your Divine exact reflection in this other You that represents your Twin Flame. The realization comes to you that in fact you are already one and reunited in the heart and that you start to express and emanate the energies of your so desired Twin Flame. See your Twin flame within you and Union is fact.

From that point on you will start to illuminate who you are as an Essence and Union as One. The world will be perceived and experienced differently by you as you start to feel whole again, complete and so you align with the oneness with Self. This is a significant point and marker in your completion and union with Self and your Twin Flame and it is an instigator of the merging with your divine Flames and colors of being, of expression.

Out of the ashes arise the new birthed Rays that are created from union with Self, from union with your Twin Flame and union/alignment with the Great central Source of All That Is, the Divine wisdom and the One in All.

Illuminate yourself with your own Divine spark of being, with your own Ray of Light and fly out with Love. Bring Love and compassion to all who are having a hard time, to all who are finding themselves in the midst of chaos, suffering, anger and hate. Embrace those who feel lost and alone with your Ray of Light as a union with your Twin Flame. Forgive those who do not know better and are desperately holding on to their own reality of Truth, even if it is an illusion. Be respectful for all life and its forces and love everything and all unconditionally.

This Is a time of Union with Self, which brings you into Union with all. This is a Cosmic time of embracing this part of you, which you always have denied and declined. For Union, we need to embrace all of our facets of being, even the dark ones. Act in Love, Be Love and send Love to all in Union of Being.

You are a cosmic Ray of Light expression on your own, radiate that Light from the heart and be in union with yourself. Enlighten those parts of you that you dislike about yourself, dare to see them and dare to love them. When acting from a state of being pure Love, nothing but Love will come forth from you.

In union as One,

I AM that I AM

Méline Portia Lafont

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