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All on Earth are soul extensions of your true and higher Selves.  It is as though you dipped your higher Self’s index finger (if it had such an appendage!), which possessed all your physical senses, into the illusory environment that humanity appears to inhabit to test it and found the experience enthralling, indeed captivating.  So much so that it forgot Itself and became totally engrossed in the tiny – and I assure you that it is indeed tiny! – environment into which it had dipped that finger.  So engrossed that it altogether forgot Its own magnificence and the joy that Its eternal existence at One with Source, in Reality, in Heaven, brought It in every moment.

Of course that finger dipping lasted but an instant, nevertheless, it still seems to be ongoing.  The initial state of enthrallment has long since passed, and you, the soul extensions, are not at all…

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