Thank you dear Wes ❤️So much of this I have also been receiving from the Company of Heaven. Thank you for this beautiful channeling❤️

Openhearted Rebellion

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Allow yourselves to relax into the flow of energy and information you’re being given from the higher realms, and know that the entirety of the Company of Heaven is with you, watching and offering our assistance when and where we can.

You can attune to our energies slowly and steadily, and after connecting with us so many times, you’ll be able to bring us through with relative ease. We’re working to help our channels on earth connect with us in increasingly pure and direct ways, but we can only help you if you’re open and receptive to the greater energies and impressions we’re offering.

Allow yourselves to be as open to the voice of spirit as you can, for in doing so, you’ll strengthen the link between you and us – a link that, until now, has been weak. Many of you…

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