August 6, 2014

Hi sweet friends and family,

Just  a note and a short update on the energies that are going on in my life at this time.  As you have noticed, I have not been able to bring out as much channelings recently.  This is so because I am swamped with service work, readings, sessions, creating the channeling course, summer holidays with my kids being home and the preparation for the upcoming event with Anrita Melchizedek in Glastonbury UK on august 8 -9 and 10.  So I will be a little bit less present concerning channelings because of this all until September.  To all of you who are coming to Glastonbury to meet up: I AM looking forward to connect with you all, truly ❤

On a side note to all of you who are doing the channeling course, and all of you that wish to start the channeling course: Module 2 is available in English and in Dutch! So you find this in my webshop on my website:

The second Module consists of and is divided in 2 parts to make it easier to absorb and to give you the time to work yourself through this. The first part will be send out already when you purchased, the second part will be send out to you at the end of august as the audio’s for part 2 are still in the make.

That being said, let’s talk about the current energies and unfoldings.  As in everyone’s personal reality things and energies are shifting into great gears!  All on its own way and everyone is dealing with their own energies and shifts on profound ways.  My journey has been full of beautiful shifts and new people coming into my life that are soul related. I have been experiencing reblendings, initiations and actualizations of Twin Flame reunion on certain levels, expansion, leveling up and merging of the higher bodies.  Beside of that, there is a lot of tiredness experienced and felt in the physical body due to all of these energetic shifts in the heart and the field of my Presence.

The elemental kingdom is making its approach clearer and stronger as they are more present in life.  This is so because our fields and energies are becoming clearer and lighter as to the vibrational resonance with their beingness and energies and that of our own. The barrier is getting lesser.

There are new connections being made, as a sort of liaison, with new beings that we were not presently aware of concerning their existence.  This is because of our expansion in the field of the heart and the emerging of our natural true Self that is One with All That Is.  New and deeper connections are made with particles of our soul essence, our soul family and even twin flame.  We are getting a more natural sense of who we are and represent in this lifetime and beyond, which is birthing the new planes of being.

Have you noticed that our short term memory is fading as well lately? Everything you read, take in or say instantly vanishes from the mind and memory, leaving you with the feeling of not knowing what you just read in the first place.  This applies on situations and creations as well; something happens and it vanishes out of your memory easier and faster than you are used to.  This all is so to assist in the being and staying in the NOW as you start to BE in the Now more and more every single moment of your being.  It helps you to stay focused on being in the now and to not cling to any past energies and to tap in the Now and your Source of being at every single moment.  This is an excellent progression in its full course to only BE.

The Lion’s gate is upcoming shortly and as always this gate functions as a strong energy movement to set new seeds and to empower the Christed energies and bring these to a Solar level.  Those who have begun their initiations of light body activations will have a deeper sense of this activation in your cellular anatomy and experience deeper merging and even expansion of your own Christed Light.  Those who will begin with these initiations will start of with a marker of a deep transfiguring Divine Flame awakening in the heart field as the lion’s gate is power and empowerment.

Focus on Love, peace, expansion and the Christed energies as we anchor the Diamond light grid on Earth.  This refined Divine Light of the Diamond light grid brings in Cosmic awareness and Christed expansion to Gods consciousness.  We are in shifts that we have never ever experienced before: we are asked to honor and treasure those and to not look behind anymore but to allow.  To allow is to anchor that light into the Earthly grid through your own Goddess and God consciousness.

Be the one you have been waiting for, because you are the one you have been waiting for.  Not some magician who comes in to magically shift this Earth for you, it is you that has the responsibility of your own Magical kingdom and shift.  And because you have the power and the inner wisdom to do so, it is important to allow the current energies and inner shifts to unfold and to let all the rest go and be.  This is priority now: to hold that space and honor the Grace from within.

I wish you all a most Magical and beautiful lion’s gate, I will be off to Glastonbury in a bit and will hold that space with you and for you all at the Tor and the lands of Avalon.  I will share about this all on my website as to what we have co-created as one.

With Love,

Méline Portia Lafont

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