Thank you Wes❤️

Openhearted Rebel

Note: I’m thinking about offering short, daily ‘Oversoul Teachings’ channeled columns (as opposed to the longer messages I used to bring through) and today’s my first go at it.

I’ll probably continue to do it daily if it sticks, and I hope you all appreciate this first column.

Reading the messages channeled (or articles written) by others isn’t necessarily required to find a higher state of consciousness or feel the perceptual shifts that can result from absorbing higher-vibrational energy, but making and sustaining an inner connection will always be well worth your effort.

We encourage every seeker out there to make an effort to connect with their Christ consciousness; the omni-spiritual aspect of themselves that’s infinitely connected to what you call the higher realms and can offer personal guidance and assistance.

You’re each encouraged to find whatever path works best for you and pursue it, and the words of another…

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