Hello, dear friends.  I hope that 2015 is starting out for all of you to be a year of wake-up-calls, new ideas and a renewed sense of purpose.  At least this first week, anyway!  I’m personally finding the energy that’s coming in to be quite intense and very no-nonsense. Kind of like it’s pushing us through the door and flinging us headlong into our life purpose, whether we think we’re ready for it or not!  It most definitely takes no prisoners!  Beloved Haniel’s message very much embodies that “take-charge and hit the books” sort of spirit.  I hope her words resonate. ~ Bella


“Events are moving at a rapid pace. In this I refer not only to that which is transpiring globally, but in ways which are  uniquely personal to each and every one of you.  While your year prior oftentimes felt to be crawling along at a slightly sluggish pace, you may rest assured that this shall not at all be the case these coming months.  Do you feel it now?  For a good many, it is is rather difficult to miss.

This energy is powerful.  It is, in it’s own particular way, raw and untouched-not watered down in the least.  Streaming directly from Source, it is intentionally being transmitted in this way so it cannot possibly be disregarded by the masses.  In it’s purity and strength it cuts to the very core of your beingness and clears away the debris of a thousand lifetimes.  You are clearly perceiving God’s  message this time, are you not?  Your bodies are reacting to it a bit uncomfortably, often spinning and pitching as though aboard a ship at sea.  You are being activated to aggressively pursue your Divine misssion; to refine and upgrade yourselves, to study, to try something new.

Great change is all around us.  It is happening everywhere, both on Earth and points far beyond.  You are being instructed to go deep within and honestly examine what is in your heart.  You must meticulously work on yourselves. You must cast away and dissolve any lingering programs, vows and attachments which are keeping you from the realization of your own awe-inspiring power and skill.  You are love personified, and emotions such as self-doubt and fear have no place in this incarnation any longer.  You are on here Earth to assist Gaia in her transformation, and thusly you yourselves must transform, too.

Be the face of the New Human.  Show all whom you encounter what that truly means.  Let every word and every action enlighten and inspire those who are struggling to find thier way. They shall want to experience for themselves this great inner peace and centeredness, which is yours.  By taking but scant moments each day to grow and learn, you do your part to aid in Gaia’s long-sought achievement of her goal.  Your every word and action, regardless how minute, shall serve to speed the planet along in her Divine transformation.  Be of pure hearts, Children.

I Am Haniel.”

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