images lotus2Hello everyone! I have been focusing on anchoring the divine aspect of Harmony of late, and this teaching on Harmony came through, and I share it with you here now!


Harmony is a Divine aspect encompassing a powerful alliance with all parts of you, with all parts of the Universe – A sublime offering and condition in evolution of your Soul.

Let it be known it is a necessary step in your Ascension, and Peace depends on it.

You are here as Lightbearers and Lightbeings to instill and hold it (Harmony) in your cells as magnification and activation of and for the external Peace and Harmony encompassing all.

Internal becomes External becomes Internal as all are connected in a web of Purification.

This Purification is a new level of your Being and Unity Consciousness. This has evolved, making Harmony possible within and worldwide.

The Love you have integrated, incorporated, and broadcast has also made Harmony possible, the next step in Unity Consciousness and Evolution and Ascension.

This beautiful process has been made possible by you LightBearers/Servers/Workers. Acknowledge this. Anchor Harmony that is now at your fingertips.

Anchor Harmony and Christ Consciousness from Creator. Bring it through your Crown Chakra, through your Heart Centers, and bring it through all your bodies. Allow it to be softened and strengthened by the Love that you have intensified and anchored more completely of late.

Now is the time to incorporate Harmony into your Being through your Crown, Heart and Sacral Chakras from Creator. Anchor it into your cells and into Mother Earth and out to Humanity.

Harmony thus becomes your mode of cooperation, approach and signature in all activities and interactions. It is the coin of exchange for progress. A Beautiful Bridge of Exchange in all dealings.

It is a forerunner and necessary element in Peace. It brings about a full spectrum of new behaviors based on Trust and Love.

…Harmony is the quintessence of your Being and Purpose now, what you came to bring to Earth.



Fran Zepeda via Higher Self


Originally received March 28, 2015

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