There are numerous aspects of the Creator in all forms of reality, whichever reality you choose to
acknowledge and see upon the Earth as your own you can be sure that the Creator is present. All
aspects of the Creator hold and represent a unique essence of the Creator which can be accepted,
merged with and embodied. You will know when acceptance, merging and embodiment is needed as
you will experience a pull to certain aspects of the Creator, the pull will be like a desire or an interest
inviting you to accept a new aspect of yourself. When you merge with aspects of the Creator you are
always accepting or remembering a new aspect of yourself as you are the origin, you are a
manifestation and reflection of the Creator. Every aspect of your reality is focused upon acceptance,
merging and embodiment, when you speak, connect or just be present with another being or an aspect
of the Creator you are experiencing resonance; your unique ability to recognise that which is outside of
you inside your being. You are constantly resonating with everything around you as well as the creations
of energy within your being; this is your true form of communication, it is your interaction with the Creator.
To resonate as and with the Creator with greater conscious awareness allows for your inner truth to
emerge, a greater recognition of the Creator as well as an awakening knowingness being born into
manifestation. READ MORE