Thank you Maria ❤️

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More than likely your ascension process was initiated or accelerated by some kind of crises, physical or emotional in nature.  It pushed you to go deeper, to get out of your head and into your heart.  Life as you knew it was no longer the same.

As you opened up to spirit, your old life wasn’t cutting it anymore.  It was no longer satisfying to have just enough financially, settling or compromising in terms of health, just enough in terms of significant relationships.  And after you released so many old energy relationships, jobs and situations, you then found yourself face to face with your own self, and your shadow self, your mind.  So, yet another releasing was required.  Releasing, or rather, not identifying with the limited thoughts that paraded through your mind.    But it also required you to feel on the deepest level, whether it was sadness, anger, fear…

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