Hello, and Welcome to my Blog, franheal! I have been a healer and channeler all my life, and have been offering those services publically for more than twenty-six years. I have always had a deep connection with the Angelic and Archangelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, and my star sisters and brothers. I am deeply committed to assist with our planetary shift and our return to Love and Oneness.

I began recording channelings from Archangel Michael in August of 2011. He and Yeshua (Jesus, Jeshua) had been joining me in healing and channeling sessions with clients since I started doing healing work and readings professionally in 1992. I discovered, however, after conversing with Archangel Michael in 2011,  that he and Yeshua had actually been delivering guidance for me, as well as for my friends, acquaintances, and family through me, all my life.

At that time in 2011, Archangel Michael asked me to record private messages from him, and then in September 2011 came messages that he asked me to make public. He at that time asked that I make myself available to sit, receive, and post messages for the public. Soon he was joined by Yeshua in his messages, both public and private, who started coming through on his own shortly after that. (He has asked to be presented as Yeshua instead of Jeshua as in earlier messages, as you will notice). And at the end of 2011, Mother Mary came in to share her messages, along with the Company of Heaven at various times, followed by Sananda in the Spring of 2012. Mira of the Pleiadian High Council came in the Summer of 2012 to transmit messages, followed by other Ascended Masters, such as Master Lanto, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Lady Master Venus, Lady Master Quan Yin, Goddess Lakshmi, Sanat Kumara, and Mary Magdalene, as well as Archangel Zadkiel.

My channeling method has always been to receive messages telepathically, and is usually a combination of seeing, hearing and feeling the Ascended Master’s (or other Being’s) words, sentences, concepts, images and message to be transmitted along with the emotional and coded light information they intend to deliver. I hear the words, phrases and concepts and also often see images, symbols and colors of what they are trying to convey, along with the feeling and energy they want to project. And the message comes flowing out, transcribed via the computer keyboard. The energy and presence of the Being I am channeling is very palpable and each Master/Being has their own energy, signature, focus and mode of delivery.

I am told by the Ascended Masters that sometimes the concepts are given to me beforehand in meditation or dreamtime in order to familiarize me with them before I receive the message. The Ascended Masters tell me that many of the messages they deliver through me access deep and complex energies that elicit emotional clearing and healing in the people who read them, utilizing my healing energies and abilities in the messages, as well as eliciting a deep feeling of Love.

It always brings me deep pleasure and peace to receive and deliver the messages, and there is so much love, compassion, caring and warmth coming from the Beings I channel. It is truly an honor. We are so blessed to be receiving so many messages from many Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels and Galactics in this New Age! As a Lightworker, Starseed, Healer and Channel, I am committed to making available all messages meant for the public that are transmitted through me,  in order to assist with Spiritual Awakening, Ascension and the New Earth.

I will continue to post here on the home page all public channeled messages transmitted through me as they come in and can be found in Fran’s Channeled Messages or under the catagory of the specific Being channeled. Please check back again (or sign up to “follow” on the home page to be notified when a new message comes through and is posted). The frequency of the messages depend upon the Ascended Masters and my healing schedule, of course. I also post and share here on this site various channeled messages from other channelers, as well as articles that I feel may be of interest to my readers.

I have also created a new blogsite since the March 2014 Equinox; Our Emerging Divinity , to focus on that topic of our emerging divinity, and that site has all my channeled messages, exclusively, since the Equinox, as well as new features, such as MasterQuotes , and very recently two new features: Teachings and Illumination and Inspiration.  (You can find all my channeled messages since October 17th, 2011 up to the present, here on this site, Franheal).

Also on this blog site is a page with a compilation of excerpts from messages from the Ascended Masters that relate to healing and love, called Healing with the Masters (including topics to assist with healing, clearing, and spiritual awakening towards Ascension)  Also on this site is a page called The Masters On Ascensionwith links to some of the  channeled messages from the Ascended Masters that address Ascension, and Q & A with the Masters where questions that have been posed have been answered by various Ascended Masters.

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Love and Light ♥

Fran Zepeda @ A Healing Place and @ franheal @ Our Emerging Divinity