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Hello, dear friends.  I hope that 2015 is starting out for all of you to be a year of wake-up-calls, new ideas and a renewed sense of purpose.  At least this first week, anyway!  I’m personally finding the energy that’s coming in to be quite intense and very no-nonsense. Kind of like it’s pushing us through the door and flinging us headlong into our life purpose, whether we think we’re ready for it or not!  It most definitely takes no prisoners!  Beloved Haniel’s message very much embodies that “take-charge and hit the books” sort of spirit.  I hope her words resonate. ~ Bella


“Events are moving at a rapid pace. In this I refer not only to that which is transpiring globally, but in ways which are  uniquely personal to each and every one of you.  While your year prior oftentimes felt to be crawling along at a slightly sluggish pace, you may rest assured that this shall not at all be the case these coming months.  Do you feel it now?  For a good many, it is is rather difficult to miss.

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