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kara-04Evolving in the New 02-Jan-2017

As we continue to evolve it happens non-linearly, which means that we don’t just end one phase and begin another. It is much like swinging on a park swing and deciding to go slide. As you whoosh down the slide, you look over and see that the swing you left is still moving from your momentum. It is the same as our own evolution. We may move forward and yet the old phase we just left is still operating; slower than before and losing Power. As we continue to integrate the New, we may very well still feel the energy of the old. This is part of the integration of the New and completion of the old. Completion is important. If you find you are still drawn to old issues, you may have to bring them to completion. The old is not intended to continue into the New. This can feel disjointed and you may wonder why you are still dealing with old issues you thought you had left behind. It is all purposeful, so that you simply do not recreate the old in a new form and call it The New. Complete the old and act in a new way. Empower the Soul Essences you wish to create from; like Love, Joy, Peace, Wonder, etc; by being them and focusing on them. In time, your actions are different; your thoughts are different and you feel different. By focusing on how you want to feel, you create from that feeling.

As we enter the New more strongly, we notice some very different things. We are more detached from events and people. There is less drama and more Understanding of what is below the surface of people’s actions and circumstances. There is more Flow and a letting go of pushing things to happen. We notice that what used to bother us does not any longer. This is also true of a shift in our preferences…what we used to enjoy, we may find we no longer do. We love ourselves more, as we are more nurturing to ourselves by choosing those things not out of duty, but out of a feeling of Joy and Passion. More and more we do not look outside ourselves for our answers and if we do, the answers are confirming of what we already know. We find that whatever we focus on is manifest, for all begins with energy and essence. Slowly we are becoming masters of our own making. Read the rest of this entry »

40a0025e-d6de-4c66-98fa-2a0f8492e79cA NEW PARADIGM FOR 2017
by Patricia
January 1, 2017 = 1-1-1 to January 11, 2017 = 1-11-1 or 11:11

As we birth the New Year 2017, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven have set the stage for a paradigm shift that will allow the masses of Humanity to transcend the negativity that has been pushed to the surface for purification during the shocking and tumultuous events that occurred in 2016. I know that may sound too good to be true, but that is only because we have forgotten the Truth of who we are and why we are on Earth during this auspicious time. Please read this entire newsletter with an open heart and mind and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you YOUR vitally important part in this facet of the Divine Plan for 2017. You are powerful beyond your knowing and the time for you to express your Divine Potential is NOW!When we make the mistake of judging reality by just looking at outer appearances things can seem overwhelming and sometimes even hopeless, but nothing could be farther from the Truth. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are working tenaciously to help all of us remember that we are multidimensional Beings functioning on many levels of consciousness simultaneously. They want us to KNOW that the physical plane of Earth that we think of as being so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and this physical plane is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that Awakening Humanity has God Victoriously cocreated in the Realms of Cause where everything begins.

The New Earth was birthed in the Realms of Cause on Dec. 21-22, 2012. In 2016 we reached a critical mass of energy, vibration and consciousness that allowed the Portal of God’s First Cause of Perfection to be opened to full breadth. This means that now the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are flowing unimpeded into the mental and emotional strata of this planet. These patterns reverberate with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance. But in order for these patterns to tangibly manifest in our daily lives you and I and the rest of Humanity need to invoke the Light of God to Transmute the surfacing negativity. Then we must empower the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God by deliberately focusing on them with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs.

The first eleven days of 2017 are providing us with an opportunity that will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her forward in the Light. This Gift of Light from On High is designed to help not only Awakened Humanity, but Humanity en masse to be the Open Door for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have affirmed that the greatest need of the hour for 2017 is for the patterns of perfection from the New Earth that are associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to become a tangible reality for every person on Earth. To assist with this urgent need of the hour the Beings of Light have given us an Activity of Light which I have included in this newsletter. These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God said that they will empower our invocations a thousand times a thousand fold every time we participate in this Activity of Light. PLEASE listen to your Heart and be the powerful Peace Commanding Presence and the Open Door for the Light of God that is your Divine Destiny during this Cosmic Moment.

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December 9, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont

Beloveds, finally we made it to December! What a ride this year has been !!

December is the finalization of a 9 cycle and 3 phase completion. Like I have shared in my previous message, December 26th, 2016 , from an energetic point of view this is the marker and the highlight of this phase for all of us and for this planet. What is next? I cannot say as we are all making and creating this for ourselves in the NOW.

But what I can say is that I have been given a large peek into the energies of December and what is coming up first and foremost is that of decisions and making choices. Because we are ending and completing a 9 year cycle and 3 phase wave, we are to decide what we are going to take with us and what to leave behind FOR GOOD.

So what are you going to take with you and no longer drag with you?! Have you truly thought about it or is it crystal clear as to what is to be left behind for your greatest good and that of all? If there is one thing I AM certain of is that we all have reached so much this year when it comes to gaining clarity of what we do not want anymore and what we do want. Are you concerned that you might take the wrong decision? Fear not as there is no wrong way.

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SelaciaHealing after Elections

by Selacia

What just unfolded in the US elections is a wake up call about the state of society. It’s about America but also the world, increasingly interdependent and connected yet divided by a fear-based mentality of us and them. A revolution is needed, beginning inside individuals like us, awakening to a more loving and inclusive way to be.

Many people are feeling shock or sadness as the dust begins to settle from the stunning and unexpected elections outcome on Tuesday. There were signs ahead, but with all the chaos and craziness, those signs were deep below the radar.

You don’t need to be an American to feel the shock of this election. Lots of anxiety and fear is being generated across the world – because of the unknowns and the unclear direction of America. Read the rest of this entry »

 November 8, 2016

 Source picture: Méline Lafont

Beloveds, we are in the midst of processing our November ride and journey into the inner planes. What November entails for you is that you will become more sophisticated in your sphere as your elemental awareness, your senses, your intuition and your morphogenetic phase will now start to enhance as you are exhaling your breaths of sophisticated SELF.

ALWAYS remember that on the journey there are many different layers and vibrations to travel through so we all experience this in phases, in momentums and in waves.

What we are experiencing through in this 11:11 portal is our refined self to be recalibrated, sophisticated and expanded. So is the journey of breath, a contraction and an expansion. We are to dive even deeper within now, to the core of our Divine Blueprint. As during this 11:11 Gateway High Sacred codes from the Supreme Source of Light intelligence are to be blazed our way and to be found within our DNA to activate our Divine Blueprint in this Human Temple of Light.

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Source Code Wave ~ Antimatter – Matter

October 17, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont


Merging Dimensions and Timelines

As we are starting to experience more and more facets of our Multi-Dimensional Self through the Solar Christ consciousness, we abide in a cycle of revelations which are being enhanced through the genetics of our immortal Being. Immortality becomes a huge part of our consciousness and awareness now because it has been ingrained within our DNA. And this part of the DNA – which has been called Junk DNA by our Scientists – is indeed awakening and activating Multi-Dimensional experiences and awareness.

The Timelines as we know them, are blending into this one moment of Now experience where everything abides as one in the same space and momentum. You only choose where to place your focus and being conscious of this is what we have been doing for so long. Being conscious of what we focus upon and now everything shifts and releases, moving us through all of the timelines we have created for ourself to experience what we are and abide in as a consciousness.

The more you become aware and conscious of ALL of your SELF, the more you experience Multi-Dimensionality.

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August Fire energies


Beloved Tribe,

Let me begin by expressing immense gratitude for everything you are fulfilling right now, as we are going through tremendous changes and shifts that are taking place with exceptional waves of new understanding. For that is what is happening since the beginning of 2016: new waves of integration within the realms of understanding and the true nature of our Beingness expanding as we move. This brings us into constant adaptation and change.

Things have not been easy for all of us: each aspect experiencing a new loading (read: bombardment) of frequencies that makes us shift and move the hell out of where we were and what we were as an energy. And this ever increasingly!!! This simply because we cannot and will no longer support the way we have been acting, moving, thinking and living. Our outdated ideas and beliefs no longer match our new perceptions and frequency thus we must change this way and constantly change our ways and actions in the outer world.

What we have been seeing and experiencing in July 2016 is that everything has come to the physical level of nurturing ourselves ONLY with all that is true to us and as us. All that is not true to us and as us, is impossible to still maintain as our reality nor will we any longer be able to nurture ourself with it.

July 2016 has implied another higher pace and notch on the roller coaster and was intense for the physical body to say the least! Yet there are plenty of quiet moments if you want, which you can find when you are nurturing yourself with balance. Equilibrium is the most important and high maintenance at this time! I remember all too well that my guides were pushing me to this understanding in May 2016 of truly accepting the fact that the summer months (Europe) would be nothing else but balancing, energy healing work and Being.

They stressed the fact to do no readings or as less as possible, to not work with and through the mental body (channeling/translating energies into words) as it is all about sensing the energies and balancing (heart and emotions, body and soul). I have, and still am, experiencing now as to why they have told me this. Absolutely spot on! Information has been a great issue for me to bring forth and communication has been everything but easy.

Every time information comes in or when I want to communicate I felt a lot of collective distortions coming in, even unsettling energies of purposely negative intent (read: opening the channel of information in the mental word aspect would be followed by intentional senses of misuse or anger to be triggered). I have to spend a lot of time to balance myself and removing so much that wants to come in through the collective state every time I would open to channel words or do a reading for others.

The channeling of energy into healing, tones, colors and so on DOES blend in perfectly and fluently. This is the only thing that feels great and works perfect. Maybe this is a personal process of me stepping out of the mental energy work through the use of words (something I have been sensing and sharing for a few months), but collectively this is also happening in its own way.


July has brought up many things to light which have been seen and perceived as challenges, negativity, war and so on.. Tumultuous things are happening in our world. What it brings up is clarity. Clarity in that sense that you will know firmly what you want and what you do not want, what is acceptable and what has become unacceptable. Terrorism and the elections in the USA are two of the most dominant examples of it.

Look what it brings up inside of us and how we are coping with this all? The way we feel and react to it tells a lot about ourselves and what we want to contribute to this all. There is a huge difference between what we want to contribute to and what we truly are contributing to as a support consciously and even more subconsciously. Also this will become more clear now. The mental mind does a lot in that; so monitor this closely and firmly!

July has been much about the physicality as well. Pains, discomfort, headaches, dizziness and muscle pains can have been part of your daily experiences. It has become harder to function in these high pitch energies with this physical body. It feels so exhausting at times and feels like you want to give up. Let us not forget the forging of our mental states and our emotional body into a whole other vibration and form too. Roller coaster indeed.

The physical body is manifesting and shaping everything we have been pre-integrating these last few months and years. The final level is always the physical level thus all that our consciousness and mental state have been integrating and shifting energetically will have to find its way through our human shell and so this is happening more and deeper every now moment.

Remember to find ways to assist your body in the best way possible for yourself: balance is key as well is breathing and releasing. Do not take on extra things knowing your body is already under a tremendous amount of pressure, it will get you into a swing mood. Find the epicenter of your Being and embody the altered state of ZEN.

All I know is that our bodies are taking on other forms, shapes and vibrations and that this is profound! That is what we are feeling and experiencing. Since the energies are continuing to amplify every now moment, change is the only constant there is.

How will we come out of this and how will our physical body respond? What will we look like and how will it feel? All these questions remain unanswered because this has not been done before and we are to experience this as we go. The Ascended Realms have no idea either because these events are new to them as well. They can only give assistance and guidance from time to time, as seen from their vantage point of how the energies are presenting themselves currently. But the detailed outcome remains obscure as it is WE that form and create this all. We are morphing an aspect of our Self into yet unknwown depths and the best way to handle this is to willingly surrender to it rather than to resist this process.


The only thing I know as a Being is what I have experienced so far and that is that the mind with its thought process shall have to dissolve and fade away in order to have an easier transition into whatever our bodies are going to Be. Thoughts stand in the way and make all things complex. You will have to let go of that and step out of it. Being is the only thing that will assist. Maybe this is too extreme for you but it is what I experience on a personal level being a part of the Collective. It is my way of understanding this all, even though “understanding” shall eventually fall away as well.

August energies

August promises to be an extreme month as to the levels of energy! INTENSE to SUPER intense energies are bombarded our way. The astrological alignments are telling us heavy energies are on their way which can bring in much confusion. It does not mean that it has to be this way, be aware that this is potential energy and that you are the creator of your own reality. It does not necessarily have to be your experience but these energies are there and will be present in your collective world.

Words and communications can and will be distorted big time if you are not careful and aligned with your inner state of balance. Others may take things the wrong way and blame you for it. Just breathe yourself through it, find the balance within and keep yourself quiet when you feel energies are hitting the fan. Concentrate on finding balance and not taking things personally. Continue to work on your self empowerment and self mastery. It is “working on yourself time” and no longer expecting information from an outside Source. Find it within now, you are being empowered and guided in this.

Certainly now that the physical body is reshaping and your DNA is reprogramming, you will have to listen more to and connect with your physical body, thus derive all information and senses from this level. How else can you start to communicate with your body and get yourself through this the most easy way if you would continue to only listen to outside sources and find confirmation there. Your body speaks as your cells vibrate and have a language of their own, take note of this and listen, it is giving you many secrets and information how to best let this all unfold for your body.


The Lion’s gate is always very potent and strong every year so take this opportunity inherent in this portal to enhance, empower and strengthen yourselves, bathing in the Golden Liquid Light of Sirius and the Feline energies. They will assist you in a grand way according to what you are willing to BE and exchange for it. Openness and willingness are all that is wished for as an exchange, this along with gratitude and respect.

The Soul Star chakra known as “Seat of the Soul” has begun to run a new program into the body which is connected to our DNA and the morphing with new codes from the Stellar Planes. We are becoming SOLAR Beings instead of Planetary Beings and this is where the Lion’s Gate is assisting along with the energies of Sirius.

After this, 2 eclipses will follow, a penumbral Lunar Eclipse on August 18th and an annual Solar Eclipse on September 1st,As you know: eclipses are massive catalysts for shifts and change in a powerful way! It brings out the deepest parts within on the collective level.

There is a margin of time with very potent energies in August. As explosive energies bring up hot stuff (lots of fire) to leave, simultaneously it brings in some space for new potential. This means for us all that we can make use of this potent space to re-create and facilitate our own potent Source, our energies and qualities into new ideas and programs. Keep in mind or write down what you wish to see happening or create in your world and take this with you through the month of August into September. September brings new energies to fruition and sprouts another layer of new beginnings for new endeavors.

But keep this to yourself and do not allow for any other energy outside of you to mingle or influence this. It is your potential and creation, not to be mixed with any other Source right now as August brings much distortions in the field of communication. Communicate loud and clear to yourself what you want to bring forth and write it down, make it happen in your heart and take it with you energetically through August into September.

Balance, balance balance as we integrate deeper levels and morphe on the physical level! The body and physical level responses are huge at this time.

With love and understanding


Discounts are given to all healings, tools and readings connected to the energy healing facet of achieving and keeping balance!  This will be the main focus during this summer!  Therefore check out the many discounts and let us support each other through this summer of powerful change and integration.!discounts/w7xm0

Universal created gift  2012-2016.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont

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SelaciaHouse of Mirrors                    -Tips for Clarity in Unsettling Times-
by Selacia

Living now can be unsettling and exciting at the same time. With so much in flux on our planet, it can feel intense and uncertain – yet the wise part of you knows something wonderful is in the making.

Divine Changemakers Role

On those days when you feel stressed or just on overload from the plethora of incoming information, take a time out to remember the wonderful new world being birthed. As a divine changemaker you are an instrumental part of this birthing!

Clarity in House of Mirrors

On some days, you may feel like you’re living in a house of mirrors. So much is being reflected back to you from so many places and dimensions. It can be mind boggling to get perspective on all you are experiencing, and to know what to believe about the reality you are witnessing.

By now you’ve heard countless times that life itself is your mirror and that each relationship you have helps reflect back to you something you need to see or understand. Example: you engage with a loved one who has fallen in love and sees the world through “new love” eyes. This may remind you of a time when you felt exactly the same way and help you remember the feeling of being loved without preconditions. This may make you smile. Read the rest of this entry »


The month of May can be a very potent time with Wesak season blessings in the air and more energetic support for connecting with spirit and your inner wisdom. Yes, we are in review mode because of both Mars and Mercury being retrograde. That review however can be just the catalyst needed to break free of longstanding limitations! In this article, I’ll outline a few ways you can use the May energies to accelerate your ascension, propelling your enlightenment to a whole new level.

Wesak Season Blessings

As a reminder, Wesak is an annual celebration of enlightenment. It’s your opportunity each year to connect with an expanded level of spiritual assistance made available when Masters like the Buddha, Jesus, and Kuan Yin interact with humanity in a more tangible way. The Masters who came before provided a template for enlightenment, reminding us that we have the same potential they did.

You carry seeds of this potential within your DNA, meaning it’s naturally within you. As part of the ascension process, more of this potential is cultivated and ripens. During the window of the annual Wesak season this can be accelerated as there are fewer veils between humanity and the spiritual dimensions. This helps facilitate an interchange of energies, blessings, and spiritual insights from the Masters.

For the most tangible experiences, be mindful of these energies and invite a personal connection. Specific examples include attending an actual Wesak meditation to connect with the Masters. Dream work can be very beneficial too. Even if you seldom remember your dreams, set intentions ahead of sleep to connect with helpful insights and energy clearings. Remember: blessings can come in many forms and when you least suspect. Be open-hearted and available. Read the rest of this entry »


kara-04Expanding the Divine Feminine 25-Apr-2016

While the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is important for Balance, right now the Divine Feminine requires attention, support and nurturing. Remember that the Divine Feminine is Source and has essences of receiving, being, allowing, flowing and other yin qualities.  As we honor our Divine Feminine, we help to raise our own consciousness and global consciousness, for the vibration and Power of Source/Divine Feminine are increasing and as we focus on being the Divine Feminine, we help to bring Her consciousness onto Earth.


Pay attention to who is drawn to you now;  they are responding to your Divine Feminine Source Light and recognize you as carrying the Soul Codes of Source so that they may awaken and/or empower the Codes within themselves. Those who are drawn to you do not battle with you nor resist the connection; there is no push/pull involved. There is no trying, controlling or fear-based emotions involved, for Flow is the way of the Divine Feminine. Read the rest of this entry »


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