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March 19, 2017


Méline Porta Lafont

Beloved Love Tribe,

As a lot of dirt, filth and lower energies are coming to the surface within each world, realm and consciousness; as each are transforming and transmuting the lower ego consciousness and the deep pains one has endured in past timelimes and moments of the Now, we are each called to embrace these processes with compassion. The Mother Mary energies are now aligning with each of you and with the Equinox gateway as this Equinox gateway is called the Gateway of compassion.

There are many resemblances and glances of old energies, old structures and ideas coming to the surface within each of us: a deep review, a deep acknowledgment of what is going on, a deep transmutation and transformation on multiple levels. It is the metamorphic regeneration of the old into the new, of the low and dark energies into high and light energies. These are all passing through the wringer and so are we as Beings going along with it.

Simply because we as Beings are made of these energies which we call dark and light. So as these huge energies of chaos, anger, resentment, disagreement, not being content and revolution are surfacing, those are all darker facets of our ego minds and our self passing through the wringer for another climax of change.

What is going on, and what the focus is, is that as we are emptying our mind, our heart, our body, our cells and all that may contain any form of energy… we are not only making room for new heart based energies but we are also transforming our mind, our heart, our body, our cells and everything that has room for transformation.


Acknowledgment is one of the key stones in the transformational process. When it comes to our body, we need to embrace all aspects and parts of our body and be able to acknowledge that it is a physical vessel shaped from belief, energy and thought. It is also to acknowledge that this vessel can transform through the transformation of what one believes, what one thinks and what one vibrates.

It is also the acknowledgment of one’s state of consciousness to shape from this state of consciousness which is believed to be the knowledge one carries within and vibrates as.

Acknowledging facts is the same as believing these to be true and what you believe as true becomes your inner world of change, manifestation and reality.


A tendency to oscillate is a yearning field, within the space of consciousness, for growth. As we see growth as being a “step by step” foundation, we tend to go back and forth to then return to a similar (read: same) point. Many are experiencing this oscillating movement as one believes in the necessity to go back and forth: the swing of the pendulum. The idea of “you have to go one step forth and 2 steps back in order to learn” is an old ideal which no longer supports our generation. We have grown and moved beyond this knowing and are understanding new perceptions of being eternal, which applies to growth as well. Growth is perceived as eternal and never-ending, thus no “step by step” policy applies in that manner ~ only the never ending movement.



We are recycling that which may still be of use to us. This means we need to pick up all of our garbage and take a look at it: analyse it and perhaps find new uses for it. Another manner of looking at things we may find many things can still be useful as seen from another perspective. Work with the energies that are around you and are made available to you, it makes no sense in throwing all away, considering it as “bad”. Before we can start with the new, everything needs a plan, a foundation to build upon and you may come to find that many of these new platforms are build on recycled energy, ideas and structures. Remember that everything is energy and that you can recycle, transform it. Thus do not just throw away all of your energy in whatever shape or form it appears in your life.

If it is no longer working for you, than match it to your new vibration and help this energy to transform. This way you will not have this sense of not having enough, of not having it at all, of everything you desire to create not being available to you and so on. This way you know it is available to you at all times and that you just have to review, recycle and transform it.

All the energy in your life that has no use anymore and that rather has a depleting quality you can throw away in an energy container and bring it to an ocean of Violet Light where this all will be transmuted and transformed to another vibration that this planet can use to transform, including you.


The intensifying processes are often felt and experienced as a depleting wave. At least on the emotional and the physical side of Self. Don’t be fooled into thinking of this as being a depleting process, even if it feels that way, for this is a misunderstanding. It is as depleting as you yourself are organizing it to be. If you will listen you can hear your body is telling you to rest and to allow, to release and to take on reviews.. then you shall see that it is a renewed and re-owned experience of the Self transforming into the body.

We have arrived in a long phase of Spirit meeting Matter and so are these the most intense moments of our times. The body vessels are being supported tremendously but it are the old concepts and information which lie stored within the cells of the body that gives us a “make belief” conceptional idea of going backwards or getting symptoms as if you are getting old. It is not, it is these old concepts leaving the body and you all know that as you release, you re-live the memory and not the fact.

As we have been clearing and emptying the mind and the body for over a year now, the ionization process can start. I remember to have received this word “ionization” in January of 2016 but had no idea what it meant, so I just let it be until I was ready to understand. Well seemingly, 1 year later, we have entered another stage of transformation as to where the physical body is leaving its old impressions while building up new ones. These new impressions are all about the transforming process into a lighter body, often called the “Light Body”.

The ionization process is to help and rebuilt new consciousness within the cells of the body, so in other words: new memory and new data. It is a higher frequency of light and data within the cells and you can see it like a cell’s DNA being remotely shifted by and through this ionization process.

Thus what happens is that now that many forms, regions and cells have been clearing to an empty state, the ionization can now implement a particle of Light which will give the cell a new loading with higher vibrations and frequencies to accustom the body to higher frequencies of Light: aka a “lighter body” towards a “light body”.

For all of these processes and energies, the Presence of Mother Mary is requested and granted because she represents the Divine Mother energies of true compassion and Unconditional Love. Everything and all needs to be embraced in compassion to be re-birthed, released, transmuted and transformed.

It shall all pass the eye of Horus, who is the keeper of the Rebirth in the realms of the Gods and Goddesses and then embraced by the Love of compassion of Mother Mary.

This means that it is a crucial and very powerful point in your Now ~ this Equinox portal. One of power and one of Transformation ~ Rebirth ~ and compassion.

I have been physically down for 7 days. My body literally crashed and showed me that it was exhausted. High fever every time a thought would run in or I would try to do something physically. It was clear: I needed to rest so that this review could be done on every level of my body and Spirit. All the pains I have felt in every part of my body: from my bloodstream to migraines and pain in my brain.. I have experienced all of it. To then now, coming back onto my feet and feeling inspired to make the change and drive myself. Only me that is steering the wheel and no one else who would have power over me. I AM still processing this all and I feel that it may take quite some time to wake up from this.

May Mother Mary and Horus be the keepers of you, as they are of this Equinox Portal.


Méline Portia Lafont

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marilynraffaeleJANUARY 13, 2017

Greetings dear friends.  Once again we come in love to commune with you, aware of all you are facing in these rapidly changing times.  Many of you are in the process of integrating higher dimensional energies which can leave you feeling depleted and confused as physical and emotional issues connected with the clearing process rise to the surface.
Everyone is feeling the effects of the new and higher frequencies of Light flowing to earth at this time.  Even those with no interest in such things cannot avoid its effects.  These dear ones who do not understand the spiritual nature of what is taking place at this time  interpret their experiences according to their belief system, usually believing that they have a physical, emotional, or mental problem.
We wish to speak of how your attained state of consciousness effects others.  Love in its purest form is an high vibrational energy of pure Light which when aligned with, can lift another to the level of the one holding this resonance–one who recognizes the Divine nature of everything.
The resonance of a consciousness filled with unconditional love is felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by all coming in contact with it making many into lightworkers without their even realizing it.

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 January 12, 2017

Méline Portia Lafont


The Wave that was predicted by Lord Merlin to hit us between 2015 and 2017 has hit us and our entire planet (and is still in the process of doing so). We have been hit hard with Solar energies, Gamma Waves, Photon rays and Cosmic energies.  WOWZA, these are digging deep and blending on a cellular level into our DNA.  If you are feeling grumpy and exhausted, experiencing detoxing flu like symptoms you are sure to be a part of those that are grounding this experience DEEPLY.  Some may feel light one day and grumpy the next.

Despite feeling heavy, tired, purged by all we’ve released lately there are beautiful energies coming in. Now we are in a time frame where all planets in our solar systems are in direct motion. NO retrogrades for one month I am told by my friend who is an astrologer. This means we can derive much energy from these planetary positions moving forward, so go ahead and take action.

So what will you be doing during this time? What are your plans and what have you been preparing to create and to bring about? This will be an excellent time for it. Ok, let’s move forward now and leave all that has happened in 2016 behind. No looking back so that we won’t create much of the same. Let us give a chance to this new energy of 2017 so that it truly can come about.


You will be moving through a coronal mass ejection of Solar flare energies. This coronal mass ejection is about to hit the Earth soon and this will bring an influx of amplified light. During this, certain zones on your Earth will be delivered with a massive shake up and change as to where the energies will ramp up and speed up the accelerated timelines. This entails that the energies that will have to come out will do so instantly and very fast even to the point that there is no time to comprehend this. It is like a go and flow, hitting the start button and not even see it end because it happens at the speed of light.

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Possible Phases of Ascension

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Please note that these phases overlap within what you perceive as “time.” Furthermore, not everyone will go through every cycle of this process, and some of you will go through the process in a different order.

What we present here is a “possible Path of Ascension.” Since Gaia is a free-will planet, all of you can use your free will to create your version of your Path of Ascension. Hence, we present the below Path of Ascension as a “possible reality.”

Every ONE of you on Gaia’s planet can enter the flow of this “path.” Many will, and many will not. Every one of you, even those lost to darkness and power over others, is called. However, the frequency of your consciousness dictates whether or not you will recognize, hear, see, and/or accept this call.

Does this message mean that every one of you can ascend now? The answer is that everyone could always ascend once you were complete with your “reason for embodiment” and complete with your experience of “taking an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.”

Those who seek personal ascension because they “want to leave the planet” will not ascend because they have forgotten that they chose to come to Gaia to assist with planetary ascension. Therefore, they chose to expand their Multidimensional SELF down into the frequency of the third dimension. Read the rest of this entry »

40a0025e-d6de-4c66-98fa-2a0f8492e79cA NEW PARADIGM FOR 2017
by Patricia
January 1, 2017 = 1-1-1 to January 11, 2017 = 1-11-1 or 11:11

As we birth the New Year 2017, Awakening Humanity and the Company of Heaven have set the stage for a paradigm shift that will allow the masses of Humanity to transcend the negativity that has been pushed to the surface for purification during the shocking and tumultuous events that occurred in 2016. I know that may sound too good to be true, but that is only because we have forgotten the Truth of who we are and why we are on Earth during this auspicious time. Please read this entire newsletter with an open heart and mind and ask your I AM Presence to reveal to you YOUR vitally important part in this facet of the Divine Plan for 2017. You are powerful beyond your knowing and the time for you to express your Divine Potential is NOW!When we make the mistake of judging reality by just looking at outer appearances things can seem overwhelming and sometimes even hopeless, but nothing could be farther from the Truth. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth are working tenaciously to help all of us remember that we are multidimensional Beings functioning on many levels of consciousness simultaneously. They want us to KNOW that the physical plane of Earth that we think of as being so real is actually the least real of all of the dimensions we abide in, and this physical plane is the very last dimension to reflect the changes that Awakening Humanity has God Victoriously cocreated in the Realms of Cause where everything begins.

The New Earth was birthed in the Realms of Cause on Dec. 21-22, 2012. In 2016 we reached a critical mass of energy, vibration and consciousness that allowed the Portal of God’s First Cause of Perfection to be opened to full breadth. This means that now the patterns of perfection for the New Earth are flowing unimpeded into the mental and emotional strata of this planet. These patterns reverberate with the 5th-Dimensional Crystalline frequencies of Transfiguring Divine Love, Oneness, Reverence for ALL Life, Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance. But in order for these patterns to tangibly manifest in our daily lives you and I and the rest of Humanity need to invoke the Light of God to Transmute the surfacing negativity. Then we must empower the patterns of perfection from the Causal Body of God by deliberately focusing on them with our thoughts, feelings, words, actions, memories and beliefs.

The first eleven days of 2017 are providing us with an opportunity that will catapult the Earth and ALL Life evolving upon her forward in the Light. This Gift of Light from On High is designed to help not only Awakened Humanity, but Humanity en masse to be the Open Door for the patterns of perfection for the New Earth.

Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have affirmed that the greatest need of the hour for 2017 is for the patterns of perfection from the New Earth that are associated with Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance to become a tangible reality for every person on Earth. To assist with this urgent need of the hour the Beings of Light have given us an Activity of Light which I have included in this newsletter. These selfless Messengers of our Father-Mother God said that they will empower our invocations a thousand times a thousand fold every time we participate in this Activity of Light. PLEASE listen to your Heart and be the powerful Peace Commanding Presence and the Open Door for the Light of God that is your Divine Destiny during this Cosmic Moment.

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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 9th December 2016 –  Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 
In a period of ascension shifts, transformation, and new beginnings, when your soul is drawing closer into your being, your mental and emotional bodies are healing, and new perspectives connected to your inner truth are awakening, there is one area of your being we cannot overlook. Your physical body, auric field, and chakras are currently experiencing tremendous change because aspects of your ego are falling away to be replaced with enlightened aspects of your soul. Old limiting, destructive and negative perspectives are rising to the surface of your being to be recognised, healed and erased in order to make space for the new loving, life enhancing and enlightening perspectives of your soul. There is one aspect of your being which is affected deeply by the transitions taking place within your being and yet this aspect may go unrecognised, transforming without you realising. I, Mother Mary, am speaking of your inner child.
Who is your inner child?

Your inner child is an aspect of your soul; you might liken it to an energetic body similar to your emotional or mental bodies within your auric field. Your inner child is the original consciousness that you choose to hold when you anchored into your physical body as it was forming in your mother’s womb and when you were born. As a spiritual being wishing to incarnate upon the Earth, you chose your parents, your birthplace, your birth time, your name, how you would appear and even what sort of personality you would have. You knew that these choices would support you in the life lessons you wished to experience as a child and an adult as well as the learning or growth you wished to partake in, in order to become a greater expression of the Creator. At your birth, you held within you all the understanding about your physical reality you required as well as a strong connection with and remembrance of the inner planes. The knowingness that you held at your birth could not be expressed by you, and even as a child, it may have been difficult to express with words, not due to your inability to communicate, simply because it is a part of you and therefore is synthesised with every aspect of your being. Read the rest of this entry »

Dear ones, we come with love, respect, and an understanding for you who are experiencing so much at this time. We would like to remind you that the world is now far advanced toward becoming fully aware and because of this, very few world events and personal experiences are accidental.
There comes a time for every serious spiritual student when “accidents” or unwanted experiences no longer represent third dimensional thinking, but are experiences necessary for some needed lesson or spiritual growth. As we have said before, once a soul chooses to evolve, the “train leaves the station”.
Everyone is feeling the higher dimensional energies now pouring to earth with increasing intensity. These energies are serving to open mankind to a higher awareness that is empowering them to seek freedom of expression, self rule, and new ways of living, being, and governance. Most people as of yet do not fully understand why they are feeling these urges or why their thinking has changed so much on particular issues.

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June 25, 2016

Méline Portia Lafont


Blessings beautiful Tribe,

We are enhancing a beautiful momentum of Heart Gateway into more profound ways. This Solstice stream and energy influx of June was seeded with Galactic codes from the Galactic Center and this brings out a massive awakening in consciousness for humanity. Of course to see the results of this takes time as it brings about many changes on the inner plane within one’s heart and mind. So, all in all, this period of awakening integration will span a few weeks to several months before you will start to see more tangible results.

Nevertheless these codes have all been seeded and this means there is no turning back. The plants have been seeded and now they will need some time to grow. Best way to nurture these seeds within every soul is to keep the faith and strength high, to keep believing in the good of all and the best in all, to understand the nature of language and how one proceeds within when coming to new understandings. Every way is possible, just understand that it may not be the same as yours..nevertheless it is a way to new understanding as a result.

Balance is key in order to keep the order of the Light and the power of Love into the momentum of all hearts on this plane. It will begin with you and by you only being the beacon and conduit for it. These last several months have been heavy with integration in order to provide new wisdom, new keys and the re-coding of our mortal encodements. This all lies in the foundation of our core Being now, being infused in several parts of our Beingness lingering within the fields of mind – creation – emotion – consciousness and physicality.

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marilynraffaeleWelcome dear ones.   As the new world emerges  you are beginning to see the beliefs and concepts of past generations fade away regardless of attempts to hold them in place by those who find their security in them.

Looking back even a few years and comparing the thoughts of then versus now and you can see how far you have come.  Animal rights as they are today, were unheard of even as recently as 20 years ago.  Women and men both individually and as groups, are coming to realize that feminine energy is not less than the masculine but that both are equal parts comprising the  whole.
Those raised in or taught  beliefs that they were born less than, sinful, or somehow damaged and in need of fixing, are awakening to their true nature and reclaiming the power they ignorantly allowed to be taken from them through these beliefs.

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Beloved Love Tribe,

A quick note before our message of today from Telos Inner Earth. A couple of weeks ago I was notified by one of the Beings of Telos that he would come into my awareness and into my life. So I knew I could expect a message after this experience. Those who have been following my work from the beginning know I have channeled messages from The Agarthians (Magatha) in the year 2012 – 2013, but never from Telos. So this was new for me and I was blessed to experience one of those Beings into human form not so long ago.

It was so special and an intense experience I had that I rather want to keep it to myself but what I can share is that I experienced a full merging with this Being and with nature. I’ve felt mergings with nature before during my walks but this time it was till the point of stillness in the Now. I was truly one with nature as I gazed upon all of it for a long time. Time stood still and I was the zero point experience. I now feel differently about nature and I look differently at nature, such a deeper love thanks to that deep and full merging with it. I was absorbed into nature and could see/sense all of it’s beauty. A true flow of harmony and ecstasy.

I’ve learned much from this Telos Being. And so now a portal was opened within me which allows me to connect with them and bring forth this message like I was shown to do after experiencing it first.

Hope you enjoy it as I did

Much love


Good day Earthlings

The portals between our worlds are open, we now mingle amongst you all and we fully blend in your appearances. We have chosen to assist you all in this planetary shift as we are here for Gaia and her growth into the deepened levels of Light. Our love for this planet, Her Being and nature is our devotion and service.

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