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I heard the call of the Raven** this morning, loud and persistent atop the tall trees outside. It wouldn’t let up its penetrating cries until I went outside to listen, and received and absorbed the beautiful potent golden Rays of the Sun and beyond, prompting me to go within and feel my core and illuminate and clear all there to be released.

And the Raven continued its cacophony, flitting back and forth from one to the other of three tall Redwood trees, each time resuming its serenade, beckoning, in an invitation to feel the beautiful divine essence at my core. The beautiful Raven welcomed me into its embrace of Oneness and I basked in the warmth and loving embrace of the energies present.

A little while later, the Raven flew away beyond my hearing, and as I came back into a new Now, the following message appeared from within me as the call awakened my Higher Self to be more present and to reveal more Truth within:

“The Fullness of Your Being Beckons you Now. Welcome it, Love it for All it is. For in that comes a further opening into your Full Divine Beingness.

As you illuminate the parts within that detract from that, that are no longer needed within you, that are pulling down your True Higher Being of Divine Essence, you gently let them go and thank them for their service.

For in their service to you, they have illuminated the Lightness of Your True Being, waiting to be revealed and embraced and honored and loved.

You don’t reject them or resist them, but instead be grateful to them, and hold them in your new Light of Awareness and allow them to be lit up and to return to Source to be cleared, absorbed and/or recycled.

You receive, discern, and hold the Gift at the core of it and move forward with new awareness of what you have learned and know, and your wholeness is renewed, refreshed and reborn to greater beginnings of wonderment.

And so, it goes, as you embrace more of your True Divine Essence without the trappings and attachments to withering and expiring ideas and beliefs that once served you but are no longer needed or necessary in the new higher vibration of your Being.

Your Joy and Passion cannot help but bubble up into your new enlightened Present and Presence, brought about by the gentle continued letting-go of old beliefs, ideas and duality-based consciousness.

For this is the way of your ascension, dear ones. Embrace it. Dance Lightly in your newfound Wholeness ever-more authentic to your core and march into the joy of remembering your True Self, your true purpose, and your many gifts.

Feel and tap into your Divine Essence more deeply, feel the immense LOVE there, the immense Peace and feeling of Oneness, and of Wholeness.

Feel a fullness and awakening and openness to All That Is. And to all that is possible – and to all that presents as an avenue to tap into more of yourself, and to create, and Be the Divine Being at your core, so full of Love, welcoming change and opportunity for more growth and ways to be in and of Service.

Each thing you encounter and bring into your field to experience is a Gem bringing you more Light Awareness, to be always welcomed and received in Gratitude as a necessary part of your integration and grounding into your Authenticity.

Do not see it as a separate attack to victimize or hurt you; it is an assistance from and for your Higher Self to take up more permanent residence within you.

Feel deep Love, Appreciation, Acceptance and Compassion for yourself as you move through the darkness of experience into the ever-present Light that awaits to be your permanent experience and way of Being.

Rejoice! For New Beginnings Beckon!”




**The Raven periodically comes to me to awaken and bring awareness and to illuminate what I need to look at to bring my Self more out of the darkness and into the Light.

I offer a quote from Ted Andrews from his “Animal Speak” book, pg. 188, about Ravens: “… It teaches how to go into the dark and bring forth the light. With each trip in, we develop the ability to bring more light out. This is creation …”

When I had finished writing this, 12:22 appeared on the clock which I was prompted and guided to look at, a number I get often, encouraging New Beginnings and Balance and Harmony, fulfilling my Life Purpose and Soul Mission. My birth numbers are also 222, so I have been seeing a lot of these numbers lately around my birthday!

Love and Blessings,



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images lotus2Hello everyone!

I just want to let you all know that I will be channeling again shortly, in case you were wondering. I have been going through a lot of changes of late, as are we all, and it has necessitated more rest. So I have not had the time or energy to do as much channeling, or even communicate with you all much, including on facebook, but hope to very soon!

I send you my love and wish for you many blessings in this beautiful transformation we are all going through!

Much love♥


summer08 098Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to let you know, in case you haven’t already guessed, that I have been experiencing intense physical (ascension?) symptoms again, making it necessary that I rest a lot. However, I hope to be channeling Yeshua and others again shortly.

Thank you very much for your patience. In the meantime, I will continue to post other messages that may be of interest to you as I am able.

And an additional share :D:  With resting and meditating in my garden, I have been given the chance to connect more with nature lately and to feel more deeply the vibrations of the flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. As a result, the many varieties of birds delight me in coming very close! It is a wonderful, amazing experience!

I send you my love and wish you many blessings ♥.


Sananda, personal ascension preocessHello everyone!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your Light and for all your Love, and for all your Support this past year and a half.

With much gratitude,  I also thank you for all the forwarding, sharing, translating, and reblogging you do for the benefit of others, as we work together to change this planet and our lives.

I am also grateful for all the messages from other channels, as well as articles from writers, that I have the privilege and honor to share, and for all you have shared so generously with me.

It is so wonderful to be connected with you, and to know you all, even if just in a small way. I can feel your Light and Love, and I thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

For those whom I have had closer contact with, working with you has been a deep honor and a pleasure!

I wish for you a most amazing Shift and for your lives to be ever-changed for the better with all that is amazing, miraculous, magical, loving, joyful, and of course, peaceful!

With much Gratitude and Love,




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