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Channeler:  Fran Zepeda

My beloveds, I come before you today to appeal to your yearning for peace. All aspects of peace are available to you now. You all may not be aware that you all hold the key to peace in your hearts right now.  Many of you are waiting for it to happen on earth. You watch the news and wonder when it will happen. The time is Now, dear brothers and sisters. You hold the key – the glorious key to peace. I am your model, but you are the implementers, beloveds. Please remember that.

Throughout history there has been the question of peace in everyone’s hearts. It took on many connotations and qualities. It is the quality of Grace that you all have in your hands now – it comes through forgiveness of yourself and others.  Many of you are wondering if peace will indeed be realized. Well, it already exists, in each and every one of your hearts. It remains to be cultivated more freely, with more abandon and with more commitment – In every choice that you make.  EVERY choice, my dear beloveds. You all have the power. The light that is being streamed into you is enabling it.  Peace is in your hands now. It is in the choices you make every day, to extend friendship and love to even those who you have before felt withdrawn or separate from. Read the rest of this entry »


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