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kara-04Expanding the Divine Feminine 25-Apr-2016

While the merging of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is important for Balance, right now the Divine Feminine requires attention, support and nurturing. Remember that the Divine Feminine is Source and has essences of receiving, being, allowing, flowing and other yin qualities.  As we honor our Divine Feminine, we help to raise our own consciousness and global consciousness, for the vibration and Power of Source/Divine Feminine are increasing and as we focus on being the Divine Feminine, we help to bring Her consciousness onto Earth.


Pay attention to who is drawn to you now;  they are responding to your Divine Feminine Source Light and recognize you as carrying the Soul Codes of Source so that they may awaken and/or empower the Codes within themselves. Those who are drawn to you do not battle with you nor resist the connection; there is no push/pull involved. There is no trying, controlling or fear-based emotions involved, for Flow is the way of the Divine Feminine. Read the rest of this entry »


kara-04In just a few days on March 19th at 10:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (4:30 UTC), we have an Equinox. This occurs in the middle of a powerful Gateway, which began with the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on March 8 and concludes with the Lunar eclipse/Full Moon next Wednesday, March 23rd. The Equinox is a full embodiment of the Divine Feminine, empowering the Balance of the Lunar and Solar Eclipses (Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine). This Equinox symbolizes all things new in the Northern Hemisphere, while it is a complete Balance for the Southern Hemisphere.
During this time, we (and continue to) receive many Light Codes that heighten our consciousness. Because of so much Light entering us, feeding our cells and DNA, much also comes to the surface from the depths of our subconscious in order to love, transform and release…to make room for more and more Light. The Divine Feminine/Source leads the way, empowering all that we set forth on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. It is a shift from the old patriarchy to the new matriarchy to the complete Balance of both. The old patriarchy is replaced by the Divine Masculine; that energy that supports the Divine Feminine. Did you know that Archangel Amabael (Divine Mother Mary) taught both Yeshua and Mary of Magdala how to embrace their own Divinity and Source-Selves? The Goddess takes Her rightful place again, leading the way. We feel this as our Soul-voice. Our Soul leads our separate ego and helps our separate ego become One with our Soul. Through this, our High Mind is activated, which is a blending of Heart and intellect, for one without the other is incomplete. The High Mind then offers the gift of being able to articulate the feelings of the Heart and Soul. Read the rest of this entry »

kara-04Eclipse Energy 30-Sep-2015


Did you have expectations about life after this series of eclipses and the Equinox occurred? Did you think and assume that all is now set in the New; our Happy-Ever-After; just to discover that life hasn’t changed all that much? It has changed, yet it takes you to see it as such. Remember, life doesn’t happen to you; we are all sovereign beings. That means that it is up to you to use New Eyes and behaviors and have new attitudes. If you are disappointed, look again and see through a new perspective. Life has changed; only if you choose to not look through your old 3D eyes. In fact, you may feel rather agitated. You see, if there is still more you need to release, then that is up for you to do. This isn’t a magic show, where you suddenly find yourself in a completely new place; yet there are those who do find themselves in a new place. They have done their work; they have let go of the old dualistic way of viewing things. They experience the Truth of the New; that of Unity Consciousness and that of a Flow in which there is no struggle or the meaningless mind chatter that holds one back in the old as if the separate ego is saying, “See? It’s not true; life is still the same old thing it always has been.”
We are in a state of flux; one day you feel as though all is flowing and the next day, Wham!…the old presents itself. Why? Because this powerful time did do a lot to help us shift more, yet if one still is acting as if nothing has shifted, that is what they will experience…that nothing has shifted. If you feel the flux, just know that that is all a part of Ascension and flow with it, attending to what still needs to be transformed. Remember that your perception is key. What you are within is what you will see in the world. It doesn’t mean you haven’t shifted; for the shifts are almost imperceptible. What is required of you is to make a decision; a decision to grow; a decision to let anything go that is not serving you or is not joyous or a decision to do and be something completely different from what you may have chosen in the past. Read the rest of this entry »

kara-04September 17, 2015

We are in a rather intense and powerful transformational time, as you well know. A week ago we had a partial eclipse, although the Power of it was anything but “partial.” Next week is both the Equinox and another eclipse. Suffice it to say that there is no rest period in between. This is a time where many who talk about ascending and those who are acting on being New will separate.

Do not avoid or run from any experience. Look deeper and see the message it has for you. Follow it to conclusion. This will raise the hackles of any separate ego that is left within you. There may be a lot of ego kicking and screaming. Take a few moments; if you find yourself rebelling, defending, reacting, denying, running from, resisting, or angrily opposing; and go within and hold your separate ego and tell him/her how loved he/she is. This will help your separate ego become your ascended ego; the expresser of your perfect and Divine Soul. When the separate ego becomes the ascended ego, you will find you no longer fight what wants to be born. It is only when we resist and fight that we are torn between two worlds. This eclipse cycle, along with the Equinox, will most definitely highlight where you are in conflict: Soul vs ego. For those who have become One with Soul and ego, the Love you experience is powerful and it is becoming more so. Read the rest of this entry »


Lion’s Gate 05-Aug-2015

On August 8th we will enter what is called the Lion’s Gate. The Magdalen Gateway leads us to this point and is a part of it as well. What is the highest purpose of this merging? The Divine Feminine is, of course, a major part of Ascension and who better to symbolize this than The Magdalen? She brings the essence of Courage; the Courage to transcend the lower aspects of duality within us and our cultures. So many have been faced with much personal challenge. Yet challenge is an opportunity to release more duality so that we may be more Love. The Lion’s Gate is actually a triple 8 (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8). The Lion’s Gate brings forth Strength; the Strength to be all we are. So you see, The Magdalen brought the Courage to be Strength in order to be more Love.

Many have been distraught with the violent passing of Cecil the Lion. This has brought much to the surface…victim consciousness, judgment, despair, duality and more. While I do not condone this act, I see beyond it. Long ago I learned that animals do not show themselves unless they choose to. Native American spirituality teaches that the animal always gives itself to the people. Cecil is not a victim. Now, do you think it is a mistake that Cecil gave his life just before the Lion’s Gate? Do you still believe in death? Isn’t Cecil still guiding and isn’t he in our Hearts to remind us of our Strength? Every animal shows itself to us always with a message to help us grow in Awareness. What did Cecil show you? There is no death. there is only a transition to be Light. If you truly believe in Divine Order, then Cecil and the dentist are all a part of it, as we are. Read the rest of this entry »


kara-04We are in a most powerful shift. As you already know, we have had bigger and bigger shifts, one right after the other, with hardly any time to take a break in-between. The current shift is extremely powerful as it leads right up to the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. (8/8/2015=8/8/8). Eight symbolizes Power and certainly, Power to be all that we are is what we each are guided to be. The Magdalen Gateway, the shift we are currently in, helps us prepare for the Lion’s Gate by empowering the Divine Feminine in each of us. Please know that the Divine Feminine holds both sexes within and the Power is in manifesting our creations, which is a blending of both female (creativity) and male (manifestation).

The Magdalen Gateway brings with it the vibration of The Magdalene. Her main essence is Courage…Courage to transcend the small separate ego and step more completely into the fully integrated ego. having Soul and ego be One. In the past it seemed as though separate ego and Soul were in conflict. This Gateway helps the separate ego be what it is intended to be and that is the expressor of Soul in all ways. As we use the Power of this Gateway to merge as One (Soul and ego. and female and male energies), we prepare for the culmination of this Gateway at the Lion’s Gate. Each day brings more Light and more Power onto Earth and into us as we build in momentum. The Full Moon, our 2nd Full Moon of the month, on July 31 (in the U.S.) helps to further empower this Gateway. So you see, not only are we in one Gateway, it immediately is followed by the most powerful Lion’s Gate. And the energy will continue from there, as dates are only a guidepost. Read the rest of this entry »


We are in a place now in which we are moving rather quickly into a new space of being more New than old. more Soul-merged than ego-based. in Oneness more than dwelling in duality. On a personal note, since everything is a message, let me share with you just a few things that have occurred in the past 24 hours for me. A dead limb from my tree fell (yay!) and my bank destroyed my old bankcard because someone had purchased something I had not. This is a perfect example of an easy release of what no longer serves me (the dead tree branch) and a new level of Abundance (having to get a new bankcard). What is your life showing you? READ MORE


kara-04Since the Full Moon, we have been rising in vibration, preparing for a huge burst forward on the Summer/Winter Solstice. You most likely have felt the intensity. I have noticed I feel the energies physically first, especially since I have released so much…and the same may very well be true for you too. These past several days have brought up much exasperation and wondering if indeed we have changed at all. It may feel as though we are waiting for something. Trust that we have changed and the waiting isn’t really waiting at all. it is a knowing that we are all moving and integrating in phenomenal ways. Everything happens in Divine Order and Divine Time, so if you feel like you’re waiting, trust that all is occurring perfectly. We want to hurry things along and yet there is no “pushing the river.” We must be patient and ever-vigilant with what our lives are showing us. We keep releasing and to remain in Observance is best so that we don’t attach to the old energies bubbling up and focus, instead, on how we feel. Analyzing everything does nothing. only feeling matters. As we feel, we have more Clarity. as we think, there is confusion. And still, in these times, we might not even know whatwe feel. If this is the case, be patient and focus on how and what you want to feel. This helps move you through any perceived impasse.

Feeling uncomfortable. that is, not feeling like yourself, feeling different, not able to relate to folks you’ve always been able to relate to, exhaustion in the morning, headaches, “Ascension hangovers,” overwhelm, anxiety…these are all a part of the shift from the old to the New. Let it be O.K. for truly we are much different as we move into the New and more out of the old. It has been very important to slow down, which is a challenge for many. When one is busy doing this or that, it keeps them in the old with no or little time given to just Being. And Being is essential, for it is then that one can see and feel with more Clarity. In the old, we thought staying busy was spiritual and wore it like a badge of honor. that running here and there was how you stayed connected to life and without this busy-ness you were lazy (an old program). Now we are prompted to let this frenetic busy-ness go, so we can truly feel each moment and each step we take in full Awareness. Read the rest of this entry »


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