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goldenYeshua and the Company of Heaven (Received March 2, 2014):


Greetings, fellow travelers of the Light. You are so magnificent. I just want to tell you that first off. It has been a while since I have greeted you through this channel, but nevertheless, I come in with full force and Light and Love to deliver this important message to you all.

You are entering a period of deep, deep transformation. For this I urge you to prepare yourselves in a very diligent and loving manner, dear ones. You do not want to miss the fragrant and deep and whole enhancement of your Beings as you learn to absorb and integrate more and more Light into your cells and overall Beings.

By now you are most likely becoming acquainted with yourselves as Whole Divine Beings of the Light, of magnificent creatures with so many abilities, albeit still dormant in some. However, these abilities are waiting just below the surface if you are not experiencing them already and they await you to embrace them and practice them. Read the rest of this entry »

UnknownMarch 2- 9, 2014

Beloved Ones,

It is important to connect into one’s heart and follow its counsel and to remember that some people are going through experiences in their present moment that require one’s empathy, compassion and understanding as they deal with their feelings in their own respective ways. Remember the love that lies at the core of their being and in yours and just let it be however it wishes to express itself. Some changes that occur in people’s lives are those that create a total revaluation of how one views their own and that can be a difficult process as it is experienced. At the core of all changes in one’s life lies a lesson of acceptance that not everything can stay the same and that events happen that leave a void that nothing can ever replace. In this, it is only the passage of time which heals these realizations………VIEW ORIGINAL FOR MORE

8088_498519233497340_1557696942_nMARCH 2, 2014

Greetings to all.  We observe Light on Gaia  increasing each day, and bringing with it a new world wide awareness of issues and problems that the majority were heretofore  unable or unwilling to see.  Appearances would say that the world is getting worse, but what you are witnessing is the Light now shining into the dark places  and bringing to the forefront all that needs to be addressed in  new and higher ways.
Many governments  are starting to understand that the old self serving ways of doing business are no longer working.  Many “leaders” choosing to resist any change, and will eventually find themselves in one way or another removed.  All, from world leaders  to so called “common folk” who insist upon holding tight to energies that are finished will begin to experience  difficulties  because the new energies do not nor cannot support anything held in place only through belief and concepts.  Go within dear ones, and honestly examine what concepts and beliefs you may still be rigidly holding on to………VIEW ORIGINAL FOR MORE



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