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marilynraffaeleJANUARY 13, 2017

Greetings dear friends.  Once again we come in love to commune with you, aware of all you are facing in these rapidly changing times.  Many of you are in the process of integrating higher dimensional energies which can leave you feeling depleted and confused as physical and emotional issues connected with the clearing process rise to the surface.
Everyone is feeling the effects of the new and higher frequencies of Light flowing to earth at this time.  Even those with no interest in such things cannot avoid its effects.  These dear ones who do not understand the spiritual nature of what is taking place at this time  interpret their experiences according to their belief system, usually believing that they have a physical, emotional, or mental problem.
We wish to speak of how your attained state of consciousness effects others.  Love in its purest form is an high vibrational energy of pure Light which when aligned with, can lift another to the level of the one holding this resonance–one who recognizes the Divine nature of everything.
The resonance of a consciousness filled with unconditional love is felt physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by all coming in contact with it making many into lightworkers without their even realizing it.

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Dear ones, we come with love, respect, and an understanding for you who are experiencing so much at this time. We would like to remind you that the world is now far advanced toward becoming fully aware and because of this, very few world events and personal experiences are accidental.
There comes a time for every serious spiritual student when “accidents” or unwanted experiences no longer represent third dimensional thinking, but are experiences necessary for some needed lesson or spiritual growth. As we have said before, once a soul chooses to evolve, the “train leaves the station”.
Everyone is feeling the higher dimensional energies now pouring to earth with increasing intensity. These energies are serving to open mankind to a higher awareness that is empowering them to seek freedom of expression, self rule, and new ways of living, being, and governance. Most people as of yet do not fully understand why they are feeling these urges or why their thinking has changed so much on particular issues.

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marilynraffaeleWelcome dear ones.   As the new world emerges  you are beginning to see the beliefs and concepts of past generations fade away regardless of attempts to hold them in place by those who find their security in them.

Looking back even a few years and comparing the thoughts of then versus now and you can see how far you have come.  Animal rights as they are today, were unheard of even as recently as 20 years ago.  Women and men both individually and as groups, are coming to realize that feminine energy is not less than the masculine but that both are equal parts comprising the  whole.
Those raised in or taught  beliefs that they were born less than, sinful, or somehow damaged and in need of fixing, are awakening to their true nature and reclaiming the power they ignorantly allowed to be taken from them through these beliefs.

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OCTOBER 4, 2015


marilynraffaeleDear ones, in this time of change and new beginnings,  we urge you to let go of any remaining expectations, for expectation only serves to  hold you in concepts–mind pictures representing something you have read or listened to with regard to ascension.  You are creating a new world, not forming it out of what is  already known.
Learn to rest in the “now” at all times, knowing that this is a spiritual universe and all are spiritual beings while allowing each day to unfold without  resistance. This practice will lead you into an ever deepening consciousness of love and gratitude as you begin to see everything as being part of a Divine plan no matter how difficult or “unholy” it may appear to three dimensional thinking.  As we have previously stated; This does not mean being a “doormat” or allowing oneself to stay in an unsafe environment.
Lifetimes past and present held  struggle and very little support for those seeking truth but those times have  drawn to a close for most of you.  You have done the work, often being punished for it and  it is now time to rest, live, and be that which you have attained.  One cannot stay in grade school after they are ready for high school or college just because a friend or someone close may still need grade school, or even because some “expert” says they must.

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Dear ones, you are beginning to see many changes in your world.  Try not to hold concepts regarding what those changes must look like in order to be valid, but instead learn to be silent observers of everything around you.  Observe peoples’ reactions and listen to what they are saying.  Note the increasing furor of politicians scrambling to keep you where they want you, in fear and old energy.  Notice how advertising seems to have become ever increasingly loud and annoying.
All forms of old and dense energy  are trying very hard to hold on in spite of the ever increasing Light of awareness flooding to earth this time.  Those still holding tightly to the fear based projections of un-awakened consciousness are simply unaware and as of yet uninterested in knowing that there are more evolved and easier ways of living.

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marilynraffaeleJUNE 7, 2015

Dear ones, rapid change is taking place for many by choice as well as by need.  The path of evolution can  difficult  up to the point at which a spiritual transition takes place and truth becomes one’s state of consciousness and  begins to manifest at that level.  Much of what is being projected into world consciousness through the media, churches, government, etc., simply no longer resonates with many of you.   Long standing life styles and traditions often involving friends and/or family are beginning to  feel old and finished.
Some beliefs  are easily left behind and no one even notices, but frequently attempts toward personal change serve to activate a period of intense questioning, judgement, and criticism from family and friends. This may cause the awakening student to doubt or even return to what is familiar, but because he has evolved and is no longer resonating with the past, he will not stay in what is finished.

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marilynraffaeleAPRIL 26, 2015

Greetings once again dear ones, in this time of new beginnings.  We come to bring encouragement and love to the many of you who are experiencing seeming discord both within and without.  Old ideas are quickly becoming obsolete and dissolving, but the new ones are not yet fully able to manifest (personally and universally) leaving you confused.
It may appear as if the world is functioning as usual, and yet you are finding that much of it no longer resonates with you in the ways you have come to know and expect.  This is the confusion and causes you to question yourselves.  Never doubt or  believe that you are simply making  things up, are over tired, or just plain going crazy  as change begin to take place within your awareness. Change  signifies  a  consciousness that is expanding–often away from what is familiar or known.
You are not consciously aware of how much is happening on other levels as you sleep, meditate, or simply go about your day.  Human beings are programmed to analyze and mentally figure everything out, but this approach does not work with what is now taking place on  deeper levels.

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 marilynraffaeleMARCH 29, 2015

Dear ones,  Greetings to all in  this season of Christian celebration.  Know that the death and resurrection remembered at Easter were meant to provide profound spiritual teachings for all,  Christian as well as non-Christian.
Spring is bringing with it new beginnings, even for those who may be trying very hard to avoid new beginnings.  We speak now of those who believe that their learning curve is finished  and that they are now entitled to sit back and enjoy “old age”.  Those in this category will be very surprised when change begins to disrupt this cherished illusion.  Everyone must be prepared for change both within and without regardless of human age and its manifestations .
Refuse to blindly accept into consciousness the beliefs and fears about aging being incessantly thrown at you by corporations who stand to profit from your fears of age and deterioration.    Individual  human age matters not in the spiritual journey for in reality, everyone is as old as God.

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marilynraffaele FEBRUARY 1, 2015

We come again dear ones, to speak of love and oneness, for in reality there is nothing else.  Accepting this has proven difficult for many, because outer appearances testify to separateness.  Society promotes and functions from this viewpoint and it is what you have taken for granted through many lifetimes. Yes, indeed the many do appear separate, but it is individuality within ONE omnipresent Consciousness that you see.

As you mature spiritually there comes a point where you no longer judge by appearances because you understand that what you see  is the mind interpretation of ever present spiritual realities.  This is why the world has been called “illusion” by so many enlightened masters.  The world is not illusion, how it is perceived  is the illusion. Read the rest of this entry »

     marilynraffaele                     JANUARY 4, 2015

Dear ones, We send  wishes for a Happy New Year and add that a year of the new it will be, for you have already cleared much of the energy that held you in bondage to an old state of consciousness and this will allow the new to unfold.
Never believe that your efforts to learn and express love are  wasted or insignificant, for every spark of light and awareness serves to decrease the density of a general world consciousness based in duality and separation.  Each day the Light of the world is becoming brighter and lighter because of the unfolding awareness of so many.  All are in and of the One and therefore the Light you acknowledge within yourself,  you also acknowledge for the world.
Love is the key to everything dear ones–love of self and love of everything in your life.  Love every aspect of your lives–the nice as well as the not so nice, for every experience  can act to bring you into deeper spiritual awareness if you allow yourself to dig and discover the beliefs behind the experience. Read the rest of this entry »


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