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Hi sweet friends, Below I share the most important messages that were shared by me in the radio show of “the one people oneness” with Amy and Tammy.  We discussed a lot , see below.  I made a transcript of the parts that are important and also the channeled message of Saint Germain in the show, but there is much more shared during it.  Much love to all! Méline ❤
Here is the link to the archived radio show, we had some technical issues in the beginning of the almost 2 hour show, so skip to 17 minutes where we begin to talk.  After 1 hour the technical issues seem to dissolve more.  Thanks for your patience! it was a fun show with lots of current happenings, personal sharings, messages and tips.
In this Radio show we talk about:
  • An update on the current status of the planet concerning Ascension as seen from Méline’s and Saint Germain’s perspective.
  • Clearing process and our embodiment
  • the weird dreams that are going on Read the rest of this entry »


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