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This mornings meditation I thought of my Mother and her unconditional love for me even though she is afraid for me because of my beliefs.  She does not agree with or understand my beliefs but still she loves me just the same and wishes the best for me.

This is the message that came forth: Read the rest of this entry »

What is love?  From a human perspective it has many meanings. It is written about in every language in every culture on every part of the globe.  It is four letter word that implies a heart feeling that is felt or expressed. It is often expressed as “I love you” but that in and of itself may have many meanings.  The intent of the phrase may mean, I have deep feelings for you or it may be a way of simply saying I want to have sex with you.  And it may be perceived either way.  As we evolve away from a guttural root chakra survival mentality we awaken to higher more spiritual understandings of what Love is.  Even in a “Sacred” ceremony where we proclaim our love to another there are still the strings, expectations, and limiting beliefs that say “I’ll love you if… but not if”.  I’ll love you if your faithful to me but not if you cheat on me , lie to me, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

1016529_4696886234649_1556290925_nRemembering Loves and Lives Past – by Michael  Genova:

Time is but an illusion and Love transcends all time and distance. As we awaken to memories of lives we have had, all timelines are now merging into one, we bring from them all that has brought us to the here and now.

All pain, suffering, and ties to past karmic lessons that have held tight for such a long time must now be released.  So too must we bring forth the Love and Light that has been the steady force, perhaps hidden, through all of time. Read the rest of this entry »


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