Q & A with the Masters,  as channeled through Fran Zepeda**:

The following are channeled answers to questions I have posed to Ascended Masters on behalf of readers. I will be adding to these as time goes along ~ Enjoy! ~


LadyMasterNada13Question posed: July 22, 2013:

Tom W: I forget now where I read about Lady Nada and her relationship to Mother Mary, or perhaps Mary Magdalene.� I know we are all one… but there are certain “overshadowing” and higher aspects of ourselves.� I think what I recall is Lady Nada is a higher aspect of Mary Magdalene.� What is your understanding of this?

Hi Tom…I asked your question in my private channeling with Mother Mary today, and this is what I received: 

Mother Mary: “Dear Fran…. As far as your question, yes, Lady Nada is a higher aspect of Mary Magdalene. And Mary Magdalene, which you are an aspect of*, worked with me in my time (of incarnation). Yes, it is much like Yeshua and Sananda with Mary (Magdalene) and (Lady) Nada but there are so many aspects and so many ascensions and incarnations, but essentially this is true. It is not important in the greater scheme of things because all are in service and all represent a certain energy that is needed at the time (of particular channeling) to pull in for the greater good of all”.

Note* For the reference regarding Yeshua and Sananda, please look further down here on the “Q&A with the Masters” . In a later channeling, Yeshua told me directly and confirmed, speaking through another channel, that  Mary Magdalene is my Higher Self, and Lady Nada is an oversoul, among others, and I am part of the Monad or Soul Family containing Yeshua or Jesus (Jeshua), Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada etc).


Question posed 10.20.11:

Fran: What are some of the changes we will experience after ascension?

AA Michael, Yeshua and Higher Self: “As far as your question about what are some things that will change after ascension: There will be a lot of very amazing changes. There will be flying “buses” and “trains”. We use those words so you can relate to the concept. They will actually be people movers just above the ground. No you are not imagining this.

People will be communicating mostly telepathically so a lot of your communicating devices will be extinct. As you saw in your vision of your homeland planet, there will be a slight tap with the finger on a person’s temple to indicate the concept has been relayed and acknowledged with love. It will also be done energetically for long distance communication, but this is a wonderful thing that you remember with affection from your roots on the pink planet.

You are wondering now if your friends will think you are crazy. There is so much in store for you all that you will be blown away. Like that classroom you saw in your meditation; there will be a lot of defunct-ing [debunking?] of established principles, like from Einstein. The earth is ascending, and so are the principles of truth. There will be devices, many devices that will blow you away. One is a replicating device for nourishment, although you will have less and less need for food. It will be like you are breathing air and getting nourishment.

Some of these things will come early and some later and also evolve as the energy gets lighter and people get used to creating what they need. You are wondering if there will actually be an absence of money eventually. Yes, but in stages. That is enough for now. We will be filling you in more as the time goes.”


Question posed  June 28, 2012:

Fran: Readers have asked the question: What is the difference between Yeshua and Sananda? Can you please explain?

Archangel Michael: “It is a matter of focus, of intent and of perspective. Yes, Yeshua (Jesus, Jeshua) is ascended, and  Sananda is his high exalted self. In many ways they are one and the same, however, Sananda has always been Yeshua’s high self.

Yeshua remembers his experiences from duality and human interactions and he often speaks from that and so the messages are more of a sharing of what he can impart to others as far as living in the Light, and so you will notice he addresses himself as a brother. They are integrated like you are attempting to do with your Higher Self.

Just think of the difference as tapping into the experience that is unique to each. Sananda comes through from a perspective of never directly on Earth having experienced duality and so his words come from a perspective of tapping your sense of knowing as if you have already ascended. It is a way of spurring your remembrance of that, which you all have already done as Lightworkers before duality. Think of the difference only as facets of the same energy, with different focus and purpose. In the end we are all One.”


Question posed June 28, 2012

Fran: What is the difference between density and dimension?

Archangel Michael and Yeshua: “Ah, the difference between density and dimension. Think of density as a matter of Light being held and absorbed. The more Light, the higher the level of density. Earth is approaching 4th density.

Dimensions are reached as a matter of course; the higher the vibration and frequency of the Being or of Earth, the higher the dimension. So density and dimensions are often confused.

Absorbing Light changes the density of your Being as well as the Earth and the vibration of your Being, and as it is raised, allows you to access higher dimensions. Being multidimensional, you can access higher dimensions with a raise in frequency. We are concerned with your dimensional life here on Earth and to ascend in your physical body is to be able to stay in that dimension that you already know from other lifetimes and aspects of yourself.”


Question posed February 24, 2012:

Fran: Please explain the concept Son of Man.

Yeshua:  “Son of Man is a concept of Oneness of Father, Son and the Holy Ghost and the connection of spirit between the Divine Holy Trinity. The term is being re-awakened in consciousness because of the significance of the  awakening Christ Consciousness.  It is becoming a concept of wholeness of mind body and spirit and belies the old understanding. An old term and concept is being given a new meaning in light of the new transformation and spiritual awakening. Think of it as returning to Oneness.”

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