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Summary of Brenda’s July 10, 2015 channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  New Earth and new you are now a reality. When you were of 3D earth, you were a flat triangle or pyramid. Now that you’re a many faceted diamond, you’re beginning to experience at a pace dictated by you and within the expected realms of your new you birth.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for ”Who Do You Wish to Be?”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps you recently surprised yourself with your thoughts or actions – knowing without completely understanding how you know something. Or were surprised with the new gentleness or loving kindness of others. All part of new you and New Earth. More new pieces will become part…

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