The Eclipse Cycle Begins

Partial Solar Eclipse

Channeled by Meredith Murphy of  11 September 2015


Greetings Divine One,

The Eclipse Cycle begins this weekend with a new moon and a partial solar eclipse. We want to offer you some energetic support for this alignment, so if you would like this, please pause for a moment now and go inward. Connect through the center of your chest, your heart chakra, with an openness within you. A calm, quiet stillness. To do this, is to tap into an access-way to all that you are.

Once you have oriented there, speak telepathically to all that you are. You might think of this as calling upon your Divine Self. By doing this, you’re in a sense saying energetically, “Hello — I’m orienting to our connection now…and I am consciously amplifying and empowering you to participate in my embodied life more fully.” You can telepathically say what you wish to greet all that you are, to summon or activate this connection consciously. Think of all that you are, like a super fantastic ally who is always here for you and loves being summoned. It’s true, you know.

Now then, in this quiet still point within your very being, and consciously connected with all that you are, if you wish, open up to a direct connection with the Angelic Realm. Simply create it with imagination or inner-telepathic-talk, or whatever way you wish. Your focus is powerfully creative. So choices like these simply steps we are describing make stuff happen. For real.

Now then, if you wish, state that you welcome angelic support for this Eclipse Cycle. Invite the fullness of your being to mediate that support. You can instruct all that you are to help you to experience the expansion, transformation, clarity, healing, support, love, insight, release, whatever you may need most at this time. You can invite all that you are, to provide you with the most relevant and beneficial experiences and energies and to also facilitate you receiving support from the Angelic Realm.

We in the Angelic Realm love to be with you. We are here for you. We are here on behalf of all that is and all that we are, to support divine expression in human experience. What we mean when we say this is this: we are here to help you be fully you. You are the divine that is wishing to express through this life. The life form that is experiencing this message, which Meredith is translating — that version of you, is simply an elaboration of all that you are. So you are, in the way we are suggesting you focus and orient right now, tapping into the Source of your being.

In this powerful alignment, you can easily get the support you will find most useful for you at this time. In this powerful alignment, you can free yourself up from anything that is bothering you in life, and you can shift into an energy that will be more resonant with all that you seek.

As your Divine Self, you are already expressing all that you have chosen and wish to have unfold as manifest experience. So this Divine You is the means by which all that you wish to experience can flow into your manifest life, what you think of as reality.

Realize there are many realities available to you and your alignment is like the engineer at a multiple-track train station, altering which line delivers the manifest experience to you. You call these timelines. Your inner being can alter what is arriving in your “station of life,” by you being in alignment more. Your alignment facilitates your Divine Self, or your inner being, giving you more of what you seek to experience.

The Eclipse that takes place this weekend can also help you out with the aspirations you have, be they personal or spiritual. The energies of the Sun and Moon affect life on Earth and your planet. You are part of these fields, which progress into increasingly expanded focus and manifest in different ways — such as your planet, your galaxy, your universe. As you take in the realization that these vast fields are in a sense expanded versions of you. That these fields such as the galaxy and the universe, actually nest, so to speak, within your own vaster wholeness, you realize that you can play at many different levels of consciousness.

To learn to live at different levels of consciousness and to embody higher frequencies, which facilitate experiences of higher, vaster fields of consciousness is one of the potentials available to you. This Eclipse Cycle is offering you a progressive opportunity to build into more capacity to embody these higher frequencies and thus have a broader menu of consciousness available to you.

Consciousness is dynamic. Your state of being is continually generating your consciousness. Your choice of focus and the quality of is are creating your state of being. Think of it like this — how you are viewing things has a particular frequency and this determines your state of being. This state of being is like a location, energetically, and as such has access to certain views and experiences. You can choose this with your focus or what you are paying attention to and by the quality of that attention. A higher quality of attention — one that is more neutral and unconditional — will give you the broadest options for perspective, insight, wisdom, and manifestations that give you the greatest joy.

This Eclipse Cycle is beneficial because it’s a like a portal, that will transmit to you a concentrated experience of progressive energies. You can play with this by using the unfolding within this time frame to condition yourself to higher frequencies.

We would suggest that you start with the relationship with all that you are — by orienting inward to your Divine Self. This relationship with all that you are is how you access everything else, so it is absolutely fundamental.

Many human beings have not loved themselves enough to want to connect with their higher self. In fact, when one feels self-loathing, for example, this is often projected onto the Divine Self. So there have been many humans who preferred to connect with the idea of a separate GOD, or with us — the Archangels — or the Star Beings, or the Ascended Masters. Some energy field that felt separate and, therefore, might be able to help more!

The fullness of your being is your access to everything. As you grow in self-love, which all of you are doing, you begin to be more available to the direct connection you have with Source. Your direct connection with Source/Creation/All that is, is within you and available via your own energetic hierarchy — the fullness of your being.

By beginning to cultivate this relationship more, you open yourself up to great wisdom and guidance. Your life can start to ease out and your ascension experience become more graceful. Everything starts to smooth out and you feel more peaceful and calm.

We suggest you start this today, right now. Commit to your own Divine Self as the most important relationship in your life and begin to consider that this IS the Source of your being.

The Eclipse Cycle will build energetically, and with the assistance of your Divine Self, you can use it to your greatest advantage. Your Divine Self knows how to do this, and so you don’t need to know how. You benefit when you orient to the vaster you. In that connection, in the present moment you will have all the knowledge and knowing that you need to function well and thrive. If you let yourself orient this way, it will release you from planning for the future or needing to figure anything out. You will be more available to the fun and joy and beauty of each moment and yourself.

It can be truly glorious to live this way. Now, more and more of you have returned to a greater state of self-love so that the illusions between you and all that you are, are dissolving. With this insight and awareness, you can see that the direct connection with Creation is what has always been available to you, and you can decide to cultivate your relationship with the broader YOU.

We hope you will take these simple suggestions for your alignment to heart and play with them in your life. The promise of connecting more fully with all that you are can be fulfilled. It is simply up to you to empower this participation often enough that the fullness of your being, can more fully participate in your embodied awareness and share with you, the beauty and radiance of your aliveness.

May this Eclipse Cycle support you well, in loving yourself more and in freeing yourself up to be more fully who you are. We know you as a beautiful, radiant fullness of light and are so honored to participate in this Divine Unfolding, which you are creating.

I AM Archangel Michael with the Angelic Legion of Light