Pallas Athena:

Greetings, I AM Pallas Athena, Ascended Master and protector of all mankind, here to impart information for your great awakening. I come to you in Peace and Love for all mankind, you human Angels of the Great Awakening.

My beloveds, human Angels that you are, you step into a world now full of promises and miracles, for as you awaken and enfold yourselves into your Divine Essence, you will be discovering so much is afoot, so much is possible, so much is emerging.

Bubbling below the surface of your consciousness now is so much light and information just waiting to burst open, and I say this knowing it may be an understatement, for if you only knew what you were capable of, if you only knew what you were made of, the world would be bursting with so much light now, even more than yesterday, which, my dears, has been immense.

And so I bring you great assurances of your power, I bring you great assurances of your progress, and I bring you great assurances of your impending emergence into your rightful place with Creator of All-That-Is.

The doors are opening, dear ones, the light is unmistakable, and the happiness you are praying for is waiting there just beckoning your awareness. You are discovering your true nature and within that is the Universe filled with all you could ever hope for, dear ones. It is there, and the veils to your awareness of it are so thin right now, you can already touch and taste it.

Let down your guard further, dear ones. Go back to that purity you know is what you are, filled with innocence and curiosity, for all is laid out before you by opening that door again.

I see your strength; I feel it, beloveds, and nothing can take it away. Allow yourselves to know it on a very deep level now, for you are destined to tap it at an even greater degree. The layers of truth and strength and power within you are revealing themselves to you now, dearest ones, and I beseech you to open further into it.

You are warriors of Love and Peace and Truth, dear ones, just as I am. You hold the strength of millions within your deep well of Being. Know this and accept this and carry it forward to fruition, for now is the time to gather all that you are, and to encompass all that you are, in preparation for your new world of unequaled proportions and possibilities.

I see you for what you are, for who you are. It is time for you to know it and see it and realize it as well. You are not your physical bodies. You are not your personalities built from years of conditioning and experiences and lessons. You are a pristine ball of brilliant light endowed with all the knowledge and beauty of the universes just waiting below the surface to be uncovered.

And that, my friends, is the secret of the ages. Don’t you feel it as palpable as I feel it? Allow yourselves to feel it and know it, my dear Warriors of Love and Truth and Peace. Claim your birthright and march forward into enduring enlightenment communing with Source once again.

You are ready to step into your true identity once and for all, as Celestial and Galactic Beings, One with Source.

I am forever by your side and with your Hearts in this monumental endeavor.

I AM Pallas Athena

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