The energy of the third dimension is emotion, which you know as ‘feeling’ and this is also the energy of the Earth. The Earth is a collection of emotional energy that is expressed as volcanoes, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning and thunder, beauty, stillness and chaos. As the family of humanity you integrate and express this emotional energy within your 3D bodies.

And now as you are ascending and assisting the Earth in its Ascension, you are activating old emotional energies for release, as you hold these imprints in your energetic bodies, and preparing new frequency pathways and alignments for Ascension. You and the Earth are One in this Ascension journey and all aspects of emotional energy are transitioning now.

Now that you are capable of multi-dimensional awareness and being, you are acutely aware of the different frequencies, level and vibrations of emotional energies. Because you ‘feel’ energy in your physical body as part of your conscious awareness, you can be very sad or cry, feel grief and anger, without an obvious cause in your present reality.

These are emotional imprints that have resided in the Earth’s energy field for eons and are now being stirred up by the influx of new energies. With your multi-dimensional awareness you can experience all levels of frequency and vibration. There are no buffers or boundaries between you and these energies, and there is a purpose and reason for that.

Ascension is a journey of transitioning into higher frequencies and vibrations. It requires the transmutation of energies from lower to higher levels of frequency and vibration and this is what you do in your own lives and for the planet. It is something that only you can do, as the family of humanity, and in partnership with the Earth. You are feeling different kinds of emotions so you can transmute them as part of the collective Ascension path.

The Earth releases these energies from its grid for you to transmute them into higher frequencies, which you do when you set intentions for your own emotional energies. Where you feel sadness you can intend joy, when fear arises, intend courage, love and faith. When you are angry, intend forgiveness, healing, release and peace.

As the Earth releases these energies from its energetic grid it is creating space for their higher octaves, and humanity – as the vehicle for the expression of these energies – can assist in the transmutation process by setting intentions for its own emotional frequencies, levels and vibrations. But as these energies are released from the Earth’s grid, they are floating around, so to speak, and will connect to anyone who also carries their frequency, so they can transmute them into higher frequencies and vibrations.

This is how you can ‘be’ the energy for the Earth during this time and allow for a smooth transition of energies to their highest frequencies. It is time to embrace the potential of yourselves as Divine, spiritual and multi-dimensional humans. You have worked hard to be at this point in the Ascension journey and the time you have awaited is here now. It may not have arrived with the fanfare, excitement, warning or introduction that you anticipated, but it is here.

Be fully present in each moment and with each emotional energy you experience, allow it to transmute and transition into its highest potential. Be within your intention for your multi-dimensional experience of your reality as a co-creator of the new Earth and intend the space for Heaven on Earth in your own lives.

This is how you co-create space, with the Earth, for new energetic frequencies and how you share your healing, learning, growth and transformation with all of humanity, the Earth and use it to manifest the fulfillment of your shared Ascension journey that you began so long ago.

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